Hi over the scigirls and well thanks for brand-new series that we’re starting called style slips dialect it’s where we make over people spaces we each design a plan for the room and they have to select which style they want oh my gosh the drama and today we’re with Adeline Lauren making over her bedroom Adeline is a lifestyle beauty r and postger who needs some help with her Toronto bedroom we’re here to help her out okay this is Adeline and blue in here today in her Toronto bedroom Brown is not Adelines color tell us what your color yellow is yellow. So we’re gonna give her a bedroom a makeover that’s perfectly suited to her in her style um q tell us a little bit about what you want different it’s just I don’t really like to post in here.

Because it’s just not a pretty you know yeah it’s not pretty in brown I mean yeah it is it is like it’s nice. But not like pretty you know it’s not like bright colors like we know like a back a background yeah a post I wasn’t like my backgrounds like Polaroids that are all falling off yeah yeah it’s just like you know it’s a bed and yeah so tell me about the food we’ve got the pizza bed I don’t know hello cookie pillow I was like so inspired by icarly oh do you remember I grabbed that is they had their web show. And I was like I want my blog to be like icarly yeah I got like I tried to get like a gummi bear lamp like there’s all the food all right charlie fans of the food doesn’t need to stay no okay can we freshen it up yeah pizzas looking a bit stale yeah I also feel like Sheldon takes up a lot of room on this – yeah introduce Sheldon this is Sheldon he was my first pet. Because I was no one to have a dog and then I mutually took those getting a dog.


And I run it access by your own rules now yeah so Sheldon takes up pretty much your whole desk. But I’m guessing being a busy you tomorrow you need a dozen, and we have some good furniture bones here I mean we can definitely work with this you don’t have to get all new stuff you can still do a bedroom makeover guys without buying all new things. So we’re gonna prove that. So we’re gonna each come up with a plan a floor plan and like design design and you’re you have to choose which one you like.

So we’re gonna get to we’re figuring that out and then we’ll call you back and you can decide decision day okay okay from my design I’m basically just doing everything Adeline I want to do yellow yellow bedspread a rug on the ground we I want to move Sheldon up onto a dresser on that empty wall and then also give her a floor-length new year I also want to do a ladder instead of a side table just. Because I think it’ll take up a little bit less room and you kind of be used the same way and something I’m really excited about is added doodles so basically her Instagram theme is her just doodling on all of her photos and is the cutest. So I want to do that on the walls in her bedroom and then just another fun elements and it’s gonna be yellow there’s me a lot of yellow in it maybe a couple other fun colors. But yeah yeah okay so my plans for her bedroom involved a little bit of yellow.

But I also want to give her some other colors as well so I’m thinking of going for more beachy vibe that involves some lights and some blues I want to give her a giant rug on the floor that kind of mimics the sand tone so it really feels beachy I want to do Sheldon under the window to give him a new look and put it up on a dresser so she has loss of storage and one really fun thing that I want to do is give her a hanging hammock chair to really add that extra beachy vibe and of course lots of palm trees and beachy plants as well I’m thinking now what are you thinking um I really I love the beachy one. But I think that has a heart for that that should stay this is a Canada you’re right you’re right it’s true need it to embrace the coldness then you just want yellow yellow that’s fine see. So you choose ink I think I’m gonna go with Abby’s it’s okay we got it’s still gonna be a team effort. But we I do really like the chair though that’s one thing that I really like okay you can see what we can do normally wouldn’t do this.

But see what we can do maybe for you do a little mashup we’ll see no problem. But our work cut out for us yeah so where can you help us like move some things around we are gonna paint the walls we’re gonna be them a yellow. So we’re gonna need to get these bad boys yeah you’re right yeah we’re gonna to take these off move things away from the wall as much as we can Gary painting okay let’s go up to it so I’m a little bummed shouldn’t pick my design. But Cal stay have some really cool ideas planned so I’m excited to get to work on that okay.

So you both have to go give all your clothes. Because you can’t come back in here and do everything that you need I’ll grab everything that I need okay okay okay and then we will get to painting and you get to come back, when it’s done okay oh my okay also like we picked out these colors. But I still get so excited I’m like what does it look like in a can versus on a paint chip oh. And I are in the lighting with it we’ll be in that’s true it does better I like it yeah I still like it I still like it good you never know and always driving a little bit darker fine I’m into it she’s gonna love it okay so we’ll get this on the walls we’ll do shopping and you got wine things and then we’ll go back oh my god I’m excited.

So we’re gonna have somebody come and paint this room completely yellow while we DIY and shop for the room for her bedroom we’re DIY and these giant Scrabble pieces of some scrap wood that we had in her initials and we’re also making her a decorative ladder alright it’s the next day and it’s time to see how our paint job turned out whoa that is yellow it is seriously yellow. But I think she’s gonna love it yeah this is her color this is her yellow even though it wasn’t in my design adilyn really likes the idea of a hanging chair. So we’re gonna see what we can do about that. So I know she really wants the hanging chair which in my head was like a great plan.

But about doing it is a different thing yeah I don’t know, if literally it’ll work like space wise or just like how you hang it without falling down. So I know I was rigidly thinking here like in this corner mm-hmm. But I think, if we’re gonna put Sheldon here you know what like the chair hitting children this windows kind of wind. So I need to go here, if it can go up at all.

So we called up our favorite handyman Chris to see, if he can help us make it happen welcome back our favorite kinds we got for you. So we have a request from the lady of the room. So we have this like this is the gold chair we want to give her. But I don’t know how to hang it or, if it’s even possible you know what it is possible these ones are great to hang off of leg anchors they go into a joist in the ceiling yes those dissolve in solid structure we’re not using wall plugs for these guys where would you like so what height do you want to that like that’s up to you to who’s this short one though she sure is we can come back three inches off that wall and the height is all going to be determined on what we’re holding it with too so, if there’s a spring, if it’s on a mechanism that’s got any LS we bought the hardware so we’ll check out the hardware we’ll see what the stretch is for weight capacity to test this can you test it yeah okay can we leave you to do this, if you want to you don’t really have to I want to leave you to do it yeah yeah the other thing fun bye Thanks it’s always nice to visit people that just ditch you I approve this chair all right thanks Chris we know she’s gonna love it.

But we need to continue with the Restless makeover cool just move this back now of the painting wait this is actually the hardest though that’s like that was enough it is I don’t want this anymore no there’s way too much food on the set it’s the little zone I mean where you sleep I Hey oh thanks okay yeah got some pillows here pillows I feel like this one doesn’t match the yellow these ones though those are really cute though yeah this is great sighs 6:36 has way through even this is society6 right yeah yeah yes we can bring in the mirror and the shelves are gonna her dresser yeah you know start with a dresser all right now it’s time to get to these wall doodles which I’m very excited for it involves a lot of paisley and swirly designs we’re just gonna go big all over the walls whopper and stuff learn from the master I can do that okay let’s get to it using a ladder as a side table is a really good hack it takes up less room and is very cute we have a trial on how to make it link below I’m moving in yeah it’s so cute it’s really cutely I’m so Instagram I’m also really tired yeah I think this is a good spot to end for today everything big is like done it’s just the little things yeah asking what not which is totally doable tomorrow yeah it’s free cool it’s really cute I hope that’s so good the doodles are so good it’s actually into that go team All Right see you tomorrow room okay.

I’m calling it quits for today. But tomorrow we’re gonna finish up the room and reveal tablet and Sheldon he’s in his new home on his dresser that we moved up to the penthouse and higher up now it’s true it’s true I think he’s happier likes it look he has a view of the window now yeah so there’s a couple things like you saw maybe Italy yeah and then some things oh yeah me this neon sign to hang on the wall it’s so excited about and our DIY Scrabble letters can get put up something yes they did and then we’re ready to bring our back I know only a couple more things okay shall we yeah sure also, if you guys want to try to cop adilyn style will link some of the items we picked up for this makeover in the description below all right so I’m gonna leave Abby to keep working on the room. And I’m gonna run out and grab some last-minute pillows I cannot decide which five I want to go for so think the best thing to do is the textile it and see what style she want to select so either one houses supercool suitcase that’s covered in patches and sneak-peek you guys are seeing in here first we’re adding our own THD merch patch onto her suitcase these patches are brand new TST merch link below go check it out ok so pretty much everything’s done last thing is just this it’s cute she says she doesn’t mind it. But it’s also really distracting giving us weird shadows and it’s so short I feel like it’s in your eyeline and it makes the room feel smaller yeah I mean I know she’s tiny.

But her boyfriend isn’t right yes I also think it’s like like like this distracting from a beautiful wall I think that I detecting from our attitude old okay I will put in something simple she really doesn’t like it you can put it back. But I think she’ll like it yeah all right the room is completely done Adeline is out waiting in the hall and we’re just about ready to bring her in this looks so good it’s amazing so good especially with the neon sign on now I mean mmm. But that’s looks great this also looks really good. But are you ready oh and Eve and Chris need it like chin-ups on it it works it’s awesome.

So you have a little space yo more storage I can actually you can use your desk you know yeah I love the way they probably won’t fall down and did you notice any extra things on the wall all right well you barely notice the inner tunnel it’s like hopefully do that as good as new things I have yeah they’re so good we can I really I really want you to sit in it yeah it’s awesome okay all set so comfortable oh yeah. And I’m like wait that looks so much better yeah also like we need to get rid of it. Because who’s casting shadows and like we couldn’t see the doodles as well we were like this is simple the way I feel like it makes the room feel bigger yeah it does it does yeah I really feel so much bigger and something else we might not have no no I know you have a packed suitcase, and we have had we have patching I’m sorry oh you’re the first person actually ever to get one of these patches we’re just making merch [Laughter] all right we give you kind of the mini overview. But I know you’re doing actual room to work on your blog collab I guess you guys everything in the room.

And I get up some more of my like personal yeah yeah you gotta bring it all in yeah yeah like goodbye all as well as oh and, if you guys are here Alan’s blog hi welcome comment click the notification box with all the vacations and then just live your best life yeah people your best daily life okay thank you so much for having a guys love this room makeover tell me what your favorite part of the whole thing was and tell me, if you’re excited for this new series in whose room you want us to do next, and we have another style selected episode coming in just a couple of days so make sure you comment. So you don’t miss that and we’ll see you there fight.

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