Population 41,953

Currency: Koruna although they changed to Euros in 2009, but most shops preferred payment in Korunas otherwise if you gave euros, they gave change back in Korunas.

Before you go…

Ensure you have a shenghen visa to the country of entry. You can then drive to other shenghen states as there are no border points to show your visa. The border points to each state are open.

Get your international drivers licence from AA so you can drive around, though you can use your Kenyan license for up to a month.

If driving from another Shenghen state, you must get motorway toll sold at gas stations and stick it on your windscreen.

Must sees

Finding the quirky human size bronze statues in the town centre Cumil, Napoleonic soldiers and others in the malls. You must take a photo with each.

Bratislava castle. You’ll get a stunning view of the city.

The five bridges linking both sides of Bratislava. Old, new, Harbour, Lafranconi and Appolo bridges over the Danube river.

Gallery’s, theatres, the historical locomotive museum that hold original locomotives and train station and a cruise on the Danube river which gives you a view of the city’s historical buildings in an hour.

In summer carry sunscreen and a hat. It gets extremely hot.

For many, relocating from one country to another can be both exciting and scary depending on the way you look at it. Sometimes it even gets more complicated when there is a pet involved. It can be frustrating, time consuming and even costly but it is not impossible. Words by Irene Ouso. Pictures by iStock

A little patience goes a long way when it comes to pet relocation if you do your research on what is required on your port of call. Useful information goes a long way in making this move ‘easy-as-pie’. Below are some tips that will help you and your pet during this time of transition.

Before you travel

Think about it! Ask yourself if this is what you want to do or would it be easier to give or sell your pet to a friend. Is the weather in your destination suitable for your pet? The wellbeing of your pet should be your primary concern.

Most countries upon arrival require that your pet be quarantined for up to six months. Is that something you are ready for?

There are several documents required before your pet is allowed to fly including a pet passport.

Do your research and find out from a registered veterinarian what exactly it entails as different pets require different documents for different countries.

Most countries including those in the European Union countries around the world now require that dogs, cats, and ferrets carry an implanted microchip transponder, which identifies them and can be linked to vaccination and health certificates you file when entering the country. Make sure you get the right microchip for the country to which you will be moving, since the radio frequencies and encryption codes vary.

Getting there

How will your pet be transported? Some airlines allow pets to travel in an aeroplane’s cabin, provided their cage is small enough to fit under your seat. Find out which airline packages work for your pet. While some airlines allow small birds to travel in the cabin, tropical birds such as parrots are usually not allowed in the cabin. If your pet’s cage does not fit under your seat, you will have to ship it as checked-in baggage. Not the best option for your pet’s health.

Make sure your pet get acquainted with the travel kennel or container well ahead of your flight or drive. Add some familiar toys or some of your clothing items, so your pet has a sense of familiarity during the transport. Sedating your pet during the trip can be an option but it is generally not recommended and should only be used as a last resort.

Ensure your pet has enough food for the entire journey.



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