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Hey everyone welcome to my blog today’s post is going to be a DIY on making an abstract wall art this is an art collab hosted by the beautiful Sharon she’s so fabulous other wonderful rs will be making an abstract art as well so make sure you check out their art I will leave their links in description box and this project you will need a canvas art paint of your choice I chose many shades of grey.

Because I love grey and brush a paint shield and the best part the letter that had left over from the previous DIY. Because I read online that it was okay to paint on a foam board as long as I used acrylic paint and that was not true at all so please use a canvas for this project I started off by putting big dots of paint on the side of the board and use paint shield to drive to being along the board I repeated this process in child life that I stopped then I added drops of paint to add more color weight needed to ah I love you haha ah here I’m going to grab my brush and pick some gray paint to go over the remaining of the board and color the sides you I know this may look messy now. But, when I’m done I promise that the result is beautiful one of my favorite bible scriptures is he has made everything beautiful in his time Ecclesiastes 3:11 I didn’t know what I wanted to make, when I started this art. So I just winged it and trusted myself that I was going to be okay.

Abstract Art Gallery Collab Photo Gallery

Because I made this with love I’m not an artist whatsoever and like I said before I wanted to paint for the longest time, when I saw Sharon hosting this Art Club I knew it was my chance to do so now I’m covering everything the best part which is glitter I wanted to incorporate a lot of this in my art. Because it just makes me happy it makes me feel like I’m a star and everything around me is going to be beautiful what I’ve seen my art is peace after storm explaining what that means in my words is going through a lot of ups and downs I see a long and bumpy path. But the result is worth it the glitter to me represents the beauty that comes after a storm just like rain doesn’t look pleasant, when it’s here. But it always has the purpose in the end to help the grass grow the emotion it carries is that it makes me feel happy and peaceful though there is always beauty no matter what I will show you how it looks hunger soon.

But in the meantime I wanted to say thank you again Sharon for the wonderful idea of this art collab I had so much fun making this I will link below in the description box of everyone who participated in this collab so make sure you check out their work please comment I would love to have you part of the family have a beautiful blessed day everyone Oh.

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