Accent Wall Wallpaper Ideas

Accent Wall Wallpaper Ideas
Papering around doors and windows
Once you have mastered basic wallpaper positioning and trimming techniques, it is relatively simple to adapt the techniques to enable you to work successfully around doors and windows.
Doors and windows fitted flush with a wall are relatively easy to paper; the wallpaper merely has to be trimmed back to fit neatly around the architrave or casing. If the door or window is recessed, the increased number of surfaces of the reveal requires more careful fitting and before that more careful planning. For example, it is important to avoid ‘seams’ falling on the external corners of the reveal, so establishing and checking the correct starting point before you hang a single strip of wallpaper is very important. All you need to do is adjust your chosen starting point by 5cm (2in) to the right or left as necessary It is easier to paper the wall with the reveal first, before the rest of the room.
Flush doors and window frames
When papering along a wall that includes a door or window, you should hang drops until you have one that will overlap the obstacle. Hang this length, letting it fall over the door or window frame. Cut away the excess paper to within 4cm (IMin) of the architrave or window casing and discard the offcut. Then cut diagonally into the paper towards the corner of and as far as the outside of the frame or architrave and smooth the paper with a brush. Press the
In an irregularly shaped room, wallpaper with a small, regular pattern or a narrow stripe is the best option. In this attic bedroom, the paper extends all the way up to the window in the eaves, playing down the room’s awkward proportions and creating a sense of harmony paper firmly against the architrave or casing, and form a crease with the rounded edge of a small pair of scissors, before peeling back the tongues of paper and trimming along the creases. Always take particular care when working on the corner as it is really quite easy to tear the paper at this stage. Finally, brush the trimmed edges back into position around the frame.

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