Hey guys, and we are back doing another across the world DIY challenge that Becky. And I do, when we happen to find ourselves in different countries I’m coming at you from Positano Italy so since I’m in Italy I’m doing a Italian inspired DIY I guess so Austin. And I actually on a road trip together on the west coast we are going up California and we’re having an amazing time.

So we didn’t really have a ton of I guess rules last time we did this challenge it was kind of just get inspired by the place you are and create something kind of based around where you are we didn’t want to make it anything too like tools heavy. Because we are traveling. And I really don’t have anything in means that’s like DIY supplies with me at all. So we were traveling, and we were kind of going off this giant road map to try to figure out where you want to go.


So I think I want to base my DIY around that I think I picked up some things in the travel I have some postcards that we got for free at a restaurant I also have some pasta and then also, when I was on the beach in Positano I found some nice glass I think that’s been bounced around in the sea so another a little bit smooth. And I’m gonna try to make some DIY wine Stoppers. So I think the first step is to take some corks and boil them. So that I can properly kind of like cut and carve them okay they are boiled okay we’re back this is too big to fit it to the top of the wine boiling them was.

So that I could easily cut it onto this angle um kitty you want honey TOI. But we were traveling, and we were kind of going off this giant road map to try and figure out where you want to go. So I think I want to base my DIY around that I think. But I am gonna need one or two supplies to make this happen.

So I googled and found that there is a dollar store down the road so I’m gonna go for a walk and see what I can find that helped me make this project let’s go all right so it’s dollar store is huge. But their craft section is really small I did find this though which I may use we’ll see alright so I’m back in my hotel room now. And I’m gonna show you everything that I have to make this DIY so the first and most important part is the road map and it’s basically a giant map of the whole west coast of the US. But I only really need the California part so I’m gonna cut that out and then using other supplies I picked up I’m gonna trace the trip of our road trip on the map and then hang it what I picked up was this little pack of embroidery thread that was a dollar and then I had to go to a little like hardware store also to pick up these sewing needles that are really big and can fit the embroidery thread and then to hang it I found this in my hotel room which is a like pants hanger.

But I think it’s gonna be really cool like a cool way to hang it so step one cut out California. And I have these little travel scissors which are very appropriate and they’re gonna do the job so California is actually a lot skinnier than I thought compared to Mike my hangar so I’ll just have to cut out a bit of Nevada as well I think I’m gonna start with my postcards. And I’m just gonna cut out a design I’m kind of inspired by the hills of Positano. And I know paper and wine probably doesn’t mix.

But it’s a crap project damn it. So I had my lovely setup over there. But then it started raining. So we moved it under here under the trellis and just moved the table should I just keep DIY Oh another one all right until it’s officially stopped raining I’m coming at you from this new angle down the first one is like different layers of buildings and then I tried to cut out like water down here yeah first one down onto the next one all right here we go this is my map cut out so now using my hotel iron I’m gonna iron the map nice and flat hopefully that’s not a part that we went to so now using the embroidery thread and the needle I’m gonna start stitching through the paper it and trace out my route doing red is a good classic like marking color very a beauty guru of me so where did we go we start in San Francisco that’s where I’m going to put my first stitch.

And I’m gonna try and do the stitches fairly close together. So that it kind of makes a simple line to follow okay next step let’s do pasta the plan put the pasta on the court okay so my pasta cork is all done. And I think it turned out pretty cute alright last step I have the rocks that I collected from the beach all right so here is our little road trip all stitched out onto the map so the very last step is going to be to hang this with the hotel hanger. And I’m not gonna bring it with me obviously.

Because it belongs to the hotel. But I have one like it at my house at home which is perfect okay and this is my last final little rock one I’m gonna finish this up now. Because it’s starting to rain and it’s and it’s thundering. And I don’t want to die out here so that’s my little like DIY a memory road trip smack made from a lot of things I had already and hotel items.

So I hope you enjoyed that I am curious to see what Abby did I hope you guys like my DIYs. And I can’t wait to see what Becky made in California, if you like posts like this or you like this challenge please let us know below. So we can do more of these. Because they’re really fun, and we love excuses to do them thanks so much for reading guys, if you liked this post make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you stuff it, and we will see you next time bye okay bye.

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