Hi guys my name’s Abby, and we are the bad girl, and we are here to do something that we’ve never attempted before. And I don’t know, if anyone ever has we’re calling it across the world viy challenge I’m coming to you from our loft here in Toronto Canada I’m an entropic immutable climate right now so the challenge here is to see what you can do I the things you find in the environment you are in I’m gonna go outside exactly what I can create with what I find outside and you guys can decide who made something that’s like super inventive and creative with the materials that we can find so first of all I want to thank Ken is so much for collaborating with us on this challenge they said with something in the mail that I’m about to open right now that’s really gonna help me out so Canada sent me the creator kit which is a kit that comes with the g7x mark 2 plus everything that you really need to create an awesome post all right so the first station here is the canon g7x mark – I know you guys have heard a lot about this on it’s one of the most loved volume cameras and you’re going to see why it’s so compact and amazing that you’ve got a flip-out screen which is blessed so the kit also comes with a 32 gigabyte memory cards which is of course what you need to put in the camera to be able to shoot on it becomes with an extra battery as well which even, if it didn’t I would tell you to go buy one. Because you want to be able to be charging a battery while you’re using ones you can swap them out now sitting there waiting for your battery to charge and lastly in here is this little man frontal tripods which is good great so thanks began in to sponsoring this post and should you get started on oh I alright so here we are I’m about an hour north of the city in pretty much the wilderness left the car back there.


And I’m heading out to see what I can do i why so here are the two DIY supplies I brought to help me some strings in a little knife I brought you know some scissors some twine some wire. But superglue is going to be my saving grace here. Because I do need to lose something together as you can see it’s not quite spring here yet so everything is very dead these are fun I don’t know what they are or what I can do with them. But just like their texture so this tree used to have these flowers on it.

But now they’re hanging out on the ground I think I need to use this what I found this could be good for something okay. So I stumbled upon some vine look at this they’re like already kind of semi braided together naturally which is so cool. So that gave me the idea to try and weave them together to form like a basket or something time to sink in or making a bikini Cup is that crazy I’m going to need to gather a lot more than just this all right so there’s a good start on the vines. But I’m going to need some bigger sticks to actually make the structure of the basket so that’s next on what to hunt for all right I’ve collected 10 10 sticks I think this is enough to get started let’s go make a basket see where I saw me gather a whole bunch of things from outside I was looking at palm fronds I was looking at these like pretty little flowers that fell off the tree I also found rubber tree leaves I think it’s a rubber tree also this forest is way too beautiful not to document it I mean besides this so many photo shoot times definitely required the other awesome thing about this camera is that has Wi-Fi on it.

So you can send the photos you take to your phone I’m literally in a little nowhere and check this out just took that I got it. So you gonna post that on Instagram okay so this is a little bit of what I gathered outside and it can tell anyone for color yeah so easy to see what’s happening. Because the screen came and change the settings right from the screen which is like so Hanny I’m thinking of using easily as like really things so my plan is everything like this and then I’m just gonna cut and fold. So that they kind of fit the right shape okay so my idea was to use this cut into strips one is like a choker and one is like a band around stomach I figured out a pretty sweet DIY angle by putting this little tripod at a tree just so perfectly so I’m going to start by laying out my main sticks kind of in a circle I’m going to use the rope that I brought to join them all together.

So I have the bottoms all joined together with the rope and now I’m going to start weaving in all the side I ended up cutting a piece of it so this is going to go around here I think and this is going to be my collar which hopefully will hold together with some string and then be trendy at the moment. So I got the string through the liquid Sun okay now I’m just going to gently bend the twigs up and start going around the sides to form the basket so basically I got this far which is really hard I like it is the lead and the face and the whole children honestly this is not enough coverage. But okay I’m kind of proud of how it went so far. But thinking of changing up my debt into this like mobile thing.

Because I really want to use these flowers. And I currently think of a nice way to incorporate them. So we’re basically make like a wind chime out of shelves and flowers and pretty things okay look at house coming getting so far so to end it off and try and take these longer tops and weave them in to help give the sides some more structure and that’s going to be it okay I’ve been DIY in for over two and half hours. But finally done I’m really happy was talking about I’m sad that I couldn’t make it became e I’m in the audience and say this was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

But you know what I’m pretty proud that I was able to make something out of not a lot going on here alright I’m taking my DIYs vine basket with me and maybe add some style it and make look cute healthy are you guys I’m going to be honest and is pretty nervous toughest DIY wouldn’t run out or would it be that keen, when I was putting a downer outside. But I love how it turned out I think styling had really helped it you know I have more of a place and a purpose and look to have more put together Here I am nervous. Because I feel like Chelsea have more options down in the tropical areas where the pier everything is dead this is why I had to resort to some store-bought options to again like this challenge definitely let us know in the console. And I think there would be a poll up around here who won the challenge I mean it seemed Becky there I have no clue what she’s doing.

So I know she always a very good challenge let us know who you think one of you I thought was below wasn’t me of Olympic healthy things again to a cannon and the g7x marks to is a creator kit under the guise all the gorgeous shops in Cuba a bigger and so much for reading, if you like this post make sure you like it and you love it make sure you stuff it and we’ll see you next time bye bye you.

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