Hello everyone we are the bad girls and so we’ve seen this Valencia bag that looks very similar to the IKEA bags you guys have noticed that the internet has noticed it, and we thought, if the designer handbag company can make IKEA bags cool so can we so can we so today we’re going to take to my tea bag and figure out what we can make with them and hopefully we get some pretty cool stuff in the end yeah thank you guys for reading and, if you’re not commentd already please comment I let’s see what we can make with some my kit bag do it so our first IKEA bag project is going to be doing a super sweet track pants with the IKEA logo down the side. So we’re going to take one bag for this and cut off the strap. So we have our pair of track pants here. And I’m just going to kind of get the side part showing oh my god that already looks cool process you don’t want edges to fray and you have a nylon ribbon you can just burn it lightly and then it will fray we are going to just glue it down the side here so good we’re going to flip it over and repeat on the other side okay they’re all glued on it it looks so legit in the end I mean it looks like IKEA made this another selling them what would be called, if IQ assign them some that sweat was like a like a yeah yeah sweat and then like kantha kantha oh hell oh god Morgan good morning okay so what we’re going to do is turn your trusty IKEA into a duffel bag.


Because I don’t know the shape isn’t working in duffle bags are very cute so the first step we’re going to do is take the IKEA bag and just chop the sides off to where it kind of goes into the point so now it’s open this is the long piece that’s going to wrap around the side of the circular duffle bag. But this is way too big the size would end up being huge so I’m going to chop it in half and cut off a little bit to make it smaller and then I guess I’ll sew it back together so it ends up being a shorter rectangle so now I have the super long zipper that I’m going to sew to the top of the bag to close it cool so zipper is on and it works so for the fact that all your stuff to fill up the size. So we’re going to fix that now so what you can do is fold your bag in half measure the side of your bag times by two and then use this formula here to figure out the radius of the circle we need to draw so on my extra Ikea bag here I’m going to draw out two circles both that have a radius of a bell or five inches is what my number was so now we have two circles cut off this will be the end of our bag so take the bag and flip it inside out for sewing make sure your zipper is open before you start sewing and we’re just going to pin our circle end to the size of each bag and fill them in place dude so cute yeah this is now the duffel bag so to do next up we’re going to try making a fanny pack and TBH never made a fan of glass couture and my first step is gonna be cutting out the pieces that you need as like some fabric for your fanny pack the front of the fanny pack is literally the same shape as the back of the fanny pack that was at the top and our next step is to sew a zipper into the front piece here so I’m just going to cut a small slit in the front of this. So we have to zipper in and it looks and works great so now our next step is to take the good size of our front piece in our back piece put them together and sew all the way around the edges before you do that make sure that you open up your pocket.

Because we’re going to flip it inside out afterwards you’re also going to make sure that you tuck in your little tabbies here so, if they end up on the outside, when you’re done so now that is all. So we’re going to flip it right side in right back so now our last step is to add on or iqs strap say I’m just going to sew them looking good I’m just going to give it a sniff I’m gonna have a shorter on one side and then developer will come around and attach here ok cool guys we made a fanny pocket now on sale now to Punk it alright you suck at hat time comes from my childhood that is fairly cool again so let’s see, if we can make it out of the neck here bag so step one is cutting out all of the parts to make a bucket hat. So I actually put up the template online. And I only below the one that we use so using the template I have cut out a top piece two side pieces and two brim pieces so the first step is going to be sewing these two pieces together to make a long version of speech so now that they’re attached the first thing we’re going to do is take the side piece and pin it to the top round part that’s going to be the top of the hat and now I’m just going to sew up this remaining side now we’ve made the bucket part of the Hat I’m sure this looks amazing on me we need to add the brim as the last step and then we’re good to go alright so the brim is on.

And I flipped it inside out and it kind of actually looks pretty good what do we think looking the moment it’s tall it’s like a top hat needs bucket hat and this is the IKEA huh it goodbye alright guys hopefully you enjoyed that and you can make literally any of these things out of not IKEA bags and it’d be awesome – exactly it could be like a serious hat it wasn’t IKEA blue or it could be into ikea blue or i’m also inside the igloo i love the duffle bags of like halloween my favorite also the m the per kick or the the stretchy this is actually my favor so cool alright, if you guys liked this post make sure you give it a like and, if you want to see more stuff like this or any comments let us know that it’ll thing about enjoy the silly stuff let us know or, if you want more serious to the otherwise what else no can’t you see that – we do a little bit of everything over here alright thank you guys so much for reading, if you liked it like it and, if you love it please stop it we’re so close to Milli Vanilli Mellie alright see you later bye you.

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