Hi guys we enjoy girls and today we have a very trendy DIY for you, if you guys have been in a bookstore or really only internet at all you might have heard of these they’re called adult coloring books or our therapy book yeah basically they’re just coloring books that we did as children. But a little bit more advanced. So we have one book here this isn’t sponsored at all.

But we were like we picked this one up it’s called animal kingdom and just like the designs inside are gorgeous ah amazing they’re all these really like awesomely draw and animals and just couldn’t not could not get it um we saw this in a bookstore and we’re like these are so beautiful. But like s being DIYs really you cannot just color them and leave them in this book exactly. So we’re thinking so you’ve got all these beautifully colored like adult coloring book design so what do you do with them now. So we are going to show you today three different things that you can do with your beautifully colored in awesome adult coloring book designs yep so all we did was use an exacto knife and take them out of the book and then we’re going to show you a couple of coloring tips and then the three ways that you can DIY them once you’re done with your coloring enjoy first we’re going to start by giving you some quick coloring tips it makes it a lot easier to decide a color scheme before you start for our Fox we’re using orange tones maroon tones and some beige tones it’s also helpful to make sure you color different areas in different colors.


So that the image doesn’t all blend together for example we made sure not to color the head and the tail the same color. Because we want them to stand out as different parts our last little helpful hint is that an ombre is always a good idea, if you’re stuck on what to do so now you have a beautifully colored picture here are three different things to try next our first idea is to use your picture as an awesome graphic paper this could be wrapping something in it or covering something we are using ours to cover the front of some wooden letters these are about a dollar each from the craft store start by laying your letters on the paper and arranging them over the nicest parts of your design using a pencil we traced out around the letters cut out each letter and then we’re using some white craft glue to glue on your pattern to the letters we finish them off by coating the whole thing in modge podge to seal it and give it a shiny finish our second idea is to transfer your design onto something else this could be a t-shirt or a bag or a pillow like we’re going to do today start by scanning your image onto a computer, if you want use a photo editing program to increase the contrast and saturation a bit to enhance the colors and make sure that all the white background is even don’t forget to mirror your image as well, if you want it to transfer in the same direction before you print make sure to select the option to scale our image slightly to fit all on one page as well to transfer your picture you’ll need this iron on transfer paper for light materials rs printed out a slightly different color. Because our printer was low hunting. But we still think it looks great once your picture is printed cut around it leaving a tiny outline around the color next you’ll need a plain pillowcase we have a tutorial on how you can easily sell your own which we’ll link in the description below place the sheet of smooth cardboard inside your pillow to help with the ironing eye on your paper according to the directions it came with once it’s cool to peel it off and you should have you totally personalized pillowcase our last idea is some info for how to display your awesome art the picture frame photo wall has been done.

So we decided to do a much more inexpensive and temporary alternative to three tapes of clips we were going to use our binder clips Bulldog clips and the classic clipboard we trimmed up the edges of some of the art that we want to leave big for the clipboard art we trim the side to nicely fit inside the clipboard and for a honey cone we cut it up in the text gun shape. Because geometric shapes are amazing obviously do you say honeycomb honeycomb it’s Mb mom coma estimate where you want your first piece to hang and make a dot on your wall hammer in a tiny nail and it’s that simple from there you can estimate where your next clip should go until you have them all hung we think it looks nice to slightly off-centre your art as well the clips are a great way to easily switch out your art whenever you want a change. So I know you guys all in a rush out and get these our coloring books. Because late even though I’m done I still want to color more there’s so much fun yeah so hopefully you guys play learn some tips on what you can do and, if you guys have any more like bullying ideas there’s so many different ways you can do this I’m really thinking like for Christmases you’re using it as like a wrapping paper yeah someone’s gifts that I over take a one guy all day long or like a card and there’s so so many options they’re so beautiful I can’t get enough, if you guys did do any of the adult coloring and make sure you send us your designs.

Because that was half the problem I don’t think it took me so long to color. Because there’s just taking long it is. Because I’m like what color do I use I need to make this perfect it was a most like stressful time in my life even though it should be relaxing and fun I just think it has to be perfect positive you hopeful I know I guess I guess it’s off against the whole point though I know I think that’s just being creative people are very like affection yeah I get like I’m like does this go together though and also I totally forgot the very real struggle of being a child having a pencil crown break yeah every time you sharpen it and it just keeps breaking. And I just like here on the table right now we do they have a million broken pencils this is our life for now we’re doing this DIY make sure you guys are following us on the social medias below.

So you guys can tweet us your ideas and ceramics your ideas you always get ideas from you guys so keep them coming. Because we have a little bit of time here before Christmas oh my gosh I’m so Christmas I know. But we didn’t say it. But anyways um.

So we have a little bit of time to do some DIYs that aren’t holiday related which you know we want to use that time wisely so send us your ideas and we’ll see you guys in our next post, if you like it like it and, if you love it some it and we’ll see you my guys.

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