Hi guys we’re the star girls and you guys always ask us what we do with all the DIYs that we make something that would keep mm-hmm and some of them we don’t. But we thought it’d be interesting to show you guys what we still actually have after all these years guys we started our blog in 2010 so that’s like eight years of DIY 50 DIYs a year times eight that’s like four hundred things at least that we’ve made whoa can we not even think about that that’s too much we’re excited to show you which ones we still have and which ones are our favorites so first up we’re gonna show you things that we’ve kept that are around here at our office all right we’re going to start here at the fridge so. And I just totally realized last minute we have these we’re gonna have a little like contest going on which one is our oldest DIY I’ll have to like mentally note that these are pull cards from like way back in college like, when Becky.


And I first met literally new they’re in our dorm room they’re pulverize magnets really cute you guys remember this is a recent one we did the Urban Outfitters remake iridescent mirror I hope didn’t really work out. But I think it’s really cute. So we just leave that circle mirror right there oh my god who do you solve your poof to Becky no I had it for so long until I got a puppy and then it was unsalable oh shoot puppy he destroyed it yeah oh no puppy well that’s okay we still have this one. So we did a to drip proof this is one fun the other one I guess thanks Danny this is our DIY cinema sign of such a good one it was like such a big deai why we still have that these are some concrete planters with some propagated pothos that didn’t live that’s okay we had lots of concrete DIY so that’s one very all done where we did the planters this is the more recent one where we did the marble up id-1.

So you still have back to while we’re down here I feel like this is good this is like an in depth like loft to work like kind of. And I mean like things that we’ve talked about before okay this is also from that Urban Outfitters mere post as you guys remember, and we just put it beside our other Dino friends those goes oh geez this is the new one you guys remember the first time we did that post we didn’t really care for the plants that well and you need to put very specific plants and these to make them live I just don’t think we have the right ones and it’s hard to water them as well down here we also have some storage containers, if you guys remember we did a paper bag post which sounds kind of weird. But it’s really cute stuff designer and the stuck-on could be a inspired we have this still and another one over here and also this wire basket more storage there’s actually low key nothing in it. But this is one of our favorite yaaaay this is one of the ways, when we had a whole bunch of DIYs back in the day we made these wire crepe to keep some supplies in and it’s still so cute after these years okay also this ladder here that we keep in the corner you guys are relatively new you probably remember this.

Because it’s not that old we build this that we could climb up to our loft area we just keep it here in the meantime cuz I think it looks like super lofty I’m just leaning a ladder okay and here’s the couch we have actually a couple DIYs this one was from an Ikea as is a cycle I call the Buffalo and they go you love the pink little pop it’s not so much and this is from the urban outfitter this post obviously we just like loved everything that we need to some post cuz we literally have all those guys everyone is welcome here till OH very cute okay. So we already showed you a ladder. But this is another ladder we have an even older guy why where we did a blanket down line with this ladder and this over here is this braided rope basket that we made a while ago too, and we actually still use it at a pool with all of our courts for posting it this is a felt case we use to hold our tablet, and we still use it and actually this is what we use to write all the titles in our posts, if you notice that so let’s get to use like all week every week this is our felt letter board that we made a while ago, and we obviously still have it. Because it looks so much it’s one of my favorite DIYs over done you’ll use it, and we switch out the quote you know on the regular try to.

And I think the last thing for here is this painted wall art quote we made for a Valentine’s Day post a while ago, and we still have it. Because it’s still really cute I’m sure there’s more things in here that were missing yeah. But that’s all we can think of that all right. So we also gave away some of our DIYs Daniella what do you got hey guys I’m here at my apartment.

And I have the lovely millennial pink wall shelf that you guys made with Chris Palmer and I’ll show you what I have on it I have a few decoration e stuff I used to have a beautiful ivy plant here. But he died. Because I kind of forgot to water it there’s lots of DS. Because my roommate.

And I are both named Danielle and Daniela so can we know that that’s part of my house is so clean for this post. And I’m in the middle of organizing the rest of my house and it’s literally a disaster oops I also think Jenna has stolen some things from me over the I have this shoe rack from you guys that looks super cute here it doesn’t take up too much room in the hallway and it helps hold all my roommates shoes um. And I don’t know, if there is anybody else in the family’s mom a couple years ago for Mother’s Day bad girls took photos of their mothers and recreated themselves using the same pose it’s marvelous. And I cherish it always this is what they produce for me okay and obviously I have a lot of things as well let’s hop over to my place to see what I still have okay.

So I am actually surprised I thought there would be a lot more DIYs here considering this is what I do, when I make stuff all the time. But I guess a lot of it didn’t make it here. But I’m gonna show you the few things that I do have. Because some of them are pretty interesting so the first two are down here in our guest bedroom in our basement this never made it into the house tour cuz it’s a tiny little room.

But, if you haven’t seen my guest bedroom makeover from my last home you can check that out and there was two DIYs in that that I actually still use in this bedroom today so the first here is this hanging night side table and this is one of my favorite DIYs ever I still love it I think it looks so chic and expensive and it was really easy to do. So that is still hung up down here and the second is kind of this whole bed. But mainly this wooden bed frame it survived the move and Held’s upgrade I still love it so make sure you go check out that post, if you want to see how we did this as I was walking around the house trying to think of DIYs that I still had here I stumbled upon this one and it actually made me laugh. Because of how old this is.

And I still use it in my closet still is this exact jewelry organizer hanger that we made years ago at the start of our blog and it’s been with me ever since then. And I still keep necklaces on it and in fact one of the necklaces on it is this recreation necklace that we made semi recently. And I still have that too leave us a comment below, if you have been commentd since the days of that tutorial I’m so curious, if there’s anybody out there that’s been around for that long that’s amazing and then what I think is the very last one is a recent addition this isn’t the exact dr we made. But it’s inspired by the ring wall hanging decor we’ve made we’ve made actually two versions of them one and and one that was fall inspired so this one I made to go in our room and it’s inspired by that.

So I would say that it’s a story girls DIY that I still have in use and love okay back to the office and now a little tour of the bedroom okay up here in the bedroom home probably should have cleaned it a little bit more. But anyways so up here I have this IKEA as is upcycle Mir which is the friggin cutest I’m a little vanity see I can also shout out this stool we did Oh Ferdy a group of DIYs and this is like the faux fur a rug and then we just put it on this oh yeah my little hair accessories drawer, if you guys watch the posts you’ll probably see me wear this all the time. Because, if your bangs you know that I’m controlling the bangs can be difficult so, if I ever don’t want to control the bangs I just like throw in this headband and this was a DIY we did like hair accessories and hats or something, and we did this bandana, if you guys have a weird shaped head like me the bandanas don’t stay on, if you like tie them around your head. So I needed to attach it to a headband so that’s why my favorite DIY pretty old DIY.

And I use it like all the time this little corner actually has two DIYs first of all nightstand we did in LA vibes. But there is a full post on how we made them and also this little Kleenex box cover upcycle was from a post where we worked with vinyl so that’s like a custom case that you can make for your phones or here Kleenex box one of my fave DIYs Zizi is loving life up here and this plants an is just the cutest in this little corner okay guys just remembered one more bullet journal on my side table still use alright thank you so much for reading us I hope you learned something obviously some of you guys might be new even, if you’ve been here for like a couple years you might not know some of the older DIY is nothing had. So you guys want to check out those posts they’ll be linked below for sure you can watch the old DIY don’t judge us, if you guys have made anything or anyone of our DIYs and you still have them let us know below. Because I’m just curious I know, if you guys don’t know, if you hashtag bad girls squad on Instagram we repost your DIYs all the time we’d love to see them we love to repost them alright thank you so much for reading guys, if you liked this post make sure you give it a like, if you love it increase of it I’ll see you next time.

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