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Oh k 22 kind of a big deal Carla trailer back here at the show asus eee thank you nice to see you thanks for having me hey we always a debut on because you have great innovative ideas do it yourself stuff but we are talking transformation for our condominiums yeah style it o magazine is where some of these ideas for future where do we want to start today well I think there’s. So many condos as we know and with housing prices i think more more people are going to be moving into condos and there’s definitely some tips and tricks for styling them that I’ve use that I wanted to share the first one being about wallpaper and they grab a picture there this is it before of a condo that I decorated and you can see there’s one wall here and this is where we had to put the TV on this wall.

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So we used wallpaper I think we have an after photo of the actual wall paper and the TV of how it transforms. So I think this is a problem out there’s people walking and you see this focal point of a TV and I want you to embrace wallpaper and it’s not the wallpaper of the 80s you’ve got many different examples now I’ve brought a couple in here. So how do you make the right choice looking at that photo right there guys if we bring it up again sometimes I see rooms with the accent wall that’s overpowering for this space what’s good to keep in mind to find because that’s a nice subtle black and white days off the kit is well if you want you can go the same type of color and that works well with it or you can go bold. So you could go I brought in one here that’s another bold one and a little sort of DIY you can do with is just get some trim from the hardware store and if you don’t want to do the whole wall you can just tape out sort of a frame around the TV and wallpaper within that super easy inexpensive yeah and works really well okay yeah that’s what and the next one is about condos are you to bit smaller right. So we want them to seem bigger.

So I would say keep your color palette the same and everybody loves the gray. So I just wanted to talk about I think we have before and after of the condo being all windows and how we went with a very neutral color scheme and I wanted to show people here’s the after and all our main furniture is neutral on this and then accented with the pillows and accessories. So I wanted to give people a little lesson on the greys with your neutral furniture of how to do it. So say you’ve got a carpet here in your grays and then you chose your couch and it’s a you know like a linen fabric you would then go something different with your chairs you would go and maybe a velvet and then say another fabric. So the way to make these grades which everyone loves not look boring but fun is to mix up the color and mix up the texture and the pops of color come in with the d axis up a lowes you are getting it.

So here is where you have the fun where you have the pattern and my style tip for this it’s a pattern in your pillows and the way to do it is you go a big scale with a small scale. So you can see this pillow has a big scale on it big flowers small scale this is just a pop of fun and and I have a request everyone change up their petals just twice a year okay because you need a spring summer and you need a full winter okay you know since Paige spring summer. So we did a little DIY cuz I had to add a DIY in there you can’t help you with this one absolutely. So okay this costs six dollars in total. So four dollars for the pillowcase here got some paint I had at home at a roller and literally rolled stripes on the pillow now what are the chances on walk away with stripes on my back though you can get a fabric paint without her pants yes yes don’t use regular I’m glad I’m glad we clarified that yes. So so for changeup your pillows I thought if I’m go on ask you to do it here’s a really fun inexpensive way to do it okay and we’ve got some fine accessories for the bedroom and bedroom. So bedrooms again in condos they’re small right and. So similar to the gray when you’re going all one color scheme I say go for a white bedroom I have two kids at a dog and i have a white bedroom. So can be done and the way it can be done is through texture. So we’ve got a picture here of the bedroom I brought a few the items in you can see the lamps a cream color we’ve got different texture in the pillows at a sheepskin or throws and again it’ll just open up your room and brighten it up and these tips just seem to work well on condos. So I hope that they help. So these are all featured against a literal magazine and for anyone looking to make a change it can be overwhelming when you’re thinking what do I do with the space best starting point what would you recommend that starting point is you know what pic what one thing that you love. So if it was the wallpaper that you love or he found a rug or you found a pillow pick something that you love and you can start around there build it around there yeah the clamps and look her up on social media because she’s good at what she does there’s one community art work once again Carla always great to have you.

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