Apartment Decorating Floor Ideas

Apartment Decorating Floor Ideas

For added country filler and to create a lushly decorated tree, use pinking shears to cut strips of either muslin or the fabric used for the ornaments, and tie bows on branches between the hearts. Add bundles of dried baby’s breath as well.
Tree Toppers
Top the tree with a quilted angel or continue the theme by using the same patchwork method to make a large star. Simply draw a star pattern on cardboard (rounding the points rather than making them very pointy), place it on your patchwork fabric, and cut out as you did for the hearts. Just remember to add xh inch extra all around when cutting out, to allow for seams when stitching. When stuffing the stars, 1 find the eraser end of a pencil or a crochet hook handy for getting the stuffing into each point. Happy crafting!
Last-Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas (That Don’t Look It!)
When my daughters were small we always made the ornaments that went on our tree. This is a good project to do with kids, and every year you add to the previous year’s output. Now that my children are grown I’m always surprised when I see how laden their trees are with all the ornaments we made over the years. And they are adding their own creations, which seems like a nice tradition to have passed on. These don’t have to be extravagant or difficult and you can start right now even if you’ve already decorated your tree. There’s always room for more.

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