Apartment Decorating Ideas Tumblr

Apartment Decorating Ideas Tumblr

Preparation for decorative finishes

Wide double doors look majestic when dosed and create a generous, welcoming space when open. These examples have been painted in two colours, grey on the frame and mustard on the panels, both drawn from the curlicue pattern painted on the walls.

Lining brushes are useful investments for ensuring a stable flow of paint over a long distance and are especially suitable for paint-ing faux panels. Sable and polyester lining brushes are best used for thin washes; try ox-and hog-hair ones for thicker paints. Sword-hner brushes have bristles that taper away to a point and these brushes are used for such effects as marbling, lining and detailed work.

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Paintbrushes must be dry and clean before you begin a job. If a brush is new, work it against your hand to encourage the loosest bristles to drop out. More loose bristles can be removed by dipping the brush in water and then painting this onto newspaper or a rough surface such as an outside wall. Next, wash the brush thoroughly in warm soapy water, rinse well and squeeze out most of the water. To speed drying, spin the brush between your hands before suspending it with its bristles hanging downwards.

When you buy your brushes, drill a hole through the wide part of each handle (not through the metal) large enough to take narrow-gauge dowelling. Cut sections of dowelhng long enough to sit on top of ajar and to extend each side so you can store the brushes suspended from the dowelling with their bristles hanging downwards when not in use ( 224 225).

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