The head elf is hard at work in the attic with the toys the little beagle that is on the staircase in his honour. I also have a mug with my son, Marc’s, name on it in the cupboard to honour him, because a mother’s love for an infant is the strongest love there is and I am blessed to have had him.

I originally had a chimney on the roof and used liquid smoke, which makes it look as though real smoke is coming out of it, so it would look authentic with the fireplace. Alas, it kept falling off when I got it in and out of the car, so I had to scrap that detail.

I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was that I was going to make a contribution.

I called hospitals, schools, and a charity organisation for the underprivileged and set up dates and times to bring it to them. Even the nurses in the hospitals and the adults really liked it so well that I decided to take it to retirement homes. Two cute little old men were really fascinated with how I built it so I told them all about it. I had no idea that it would be such a wonderful contribution until I saw the eyes of these little children and even the retirees light up as they peered inside!

One young man, about nine years old, in a classroom said, I’m not going to look at that; it’s for sissies. I wandered over to him and asked him if he liked to build things with tools. He said yes and I told him that there were tools in the house he may be interested in looking at. He moved quickly over to the house and his teacher finally had to ask him to move over and let others look at it because he really was mesmerised by all the miniatures!

There are so many stories, but these are the ones that pop into my head first. I have to tell you that since I travel around so much, I just gaze into this little doll’s house and really feel at home. The flickering fire just makes it seem so inviting, warm, and cozy.


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