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Now Princess Luise’s preferences are evident once more in her hall of womanly virtues’ and in the small, elegant rooms on the upper floor. Including a library, a gallery for paintings and a smart print room, they form an elegant ensemble, a suite of delicately decorated spaces, each with a different character and a prevailing colour: crimson, pale green, sea green, pale yellow framed with purple and blue, and sky blue. To hide the wardrobes, mirrored walls reflect the windows overlooking the park, as well as the birds and garlands of flowers depicted inside.

The intelligent, educated Luise, who spoke several languages, was interested in literature and the arts and maintained correspondence with the leading German and Swiss literary figures of her time. She was fond of her library and of the print room lined with decorative prints in the English fashion, including engravings after Angelica Kaufifmann, whom she had met in London and Rome and OPPOSITE Two views of the eau-de-nii painting cabinet.

Boiseries are painted en camai’eu (monochrome) with elaborate picture frames. The original chairs were recently restored. THIS PAGE, LEFT A woman of culture and taste, Princess Luise created a print room after the current English fashion. BELOW, LEFT The painted neoclassical decoration in this cabinet was inspired by Luise’s Grand Tour to Italy whom she adored.

Kauffmann’s work had a special place in the Luisium: her large painting of Cupid and Psyche (now in the Kun-sthaus, Zurich) dominated one of the salons, providing the small room with a focus for solitary contemplation. Examples of this sort illuminate not only the sensibility of the princess but something of the spirit of the times – like a fragment from a larger confession’, in the words of Rousseau, whom Luise admired and had met.

She regarded travelling and meeting outstanding people an opportunity to learn and to experience life on a sophisticated level – a refined and compassionate outlook which is still embodied by her Luisium Guided tours round the Schloss Lihsium take place Tuesday to Sunday, Apartment decorating tips 10am”6pm until October 31. For details, call 00-49-340 218371

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