Apartment Designs For Cheap

Apartment Designs For Cheap

Sheer fabrics.

Sheer and flimsy fabrics are suitable for curtains intended to diffuse and filter light as well as create privacy during daylight hours. They are too delicate to form blinds, but you can hang a plain, ungathered panel at the window. They can be combined with a heavier curtain in front, a blind behind or a frame formed by a lambrequin.

Pretty and elegant, voile is a very fine, sheer fabric printed or woven with a pattern or pictures. Ordinary nylon net comes with a ready-made hem down one side and a channel for inserting wire down the other and is sold in different widths.

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Lace makes a charming window covering, especially if you can find a picture panel or antique piece that fits your window. Embroidered cotton is a charming patterned alternative to lace or voile. Muslin, a loosely woven fine cotton, is less see-through than other sheers. It drapes well but crushes easily. D

Plain fabrics.

Unpatterned twill is usually a pure cotton fabric with subtly interesting textured weaves; the most attractive of which are, arguably, the herringbone and waffle patterns. Slubby fabric is often hand-woven and therefore has irregular threads which give it an attractive roughness.

Calico, available in various widths including some wide enough to curtain most windows without joins, is an inexpensive plain cotton fabric suitable for customizing, but wash it first to shrink it and remove the dressing before applying any paint.

Pure linen, and linen-and-cotton mixes known as linen union, are strong, long-lasting and hard-wearing fabrics which take dye superbly and hang well. Available in various weights, they look marvellous made up into curtains and blinds. El.

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