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Do you live in a condo but struggle in creating a cohesive space well if you do stick with me because I have four tips in creating a beautiful creative condo tip number one I want you to use the three to one method I mean explain what this is and this is something I personally use when I’m decorating. So everyone has a main style and don’t worry I’ve got something at the end that I’m go on help you in finding out what that main style is but a dominant style and. So that’s what you want probably your main pieces you’re sort of three or more pieces in the room to kind of go with that dominant style. So let’s say it’s mid century but then you want to trickle in other styles or maybe you live with someone that has a baby a bit more up of bohemian style. So you want to bring that in in the two. So it doesn’t mean exactly two pieces but you get what I mean you bring that in as secondary objects and then say you like vintage add a touch of vintage hair in there.

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So great rooms are mixed with different styles but use the three to one and from your main style your secondary style and then sprinkled with a little extra tip number two is creating a cohesive color palette and this one I know can stress people out it’s hard to choose what colors. So here’s my rule of thumb to keep it easy if it’s all an open floor plan in a condo I would say pick one color and paint the room that one color I really like the white warm white or the grays but keeping it one color will create it to be open and and also when you’re thinking of your furniture keep your furniture neutral as well. So again sticking to probably the grays or the beiges tip number three kind of going back to the color palette again but I’m talking about your accent colors now.

So now that you’ve got painted a color you’ve got your neutral larger pieces in the room you want to pick two to three colors from an accent color. So for an example let’s say you picked yellow and blue which would work well together is their opposite colors on the color wheel what you want to do then is have those two colors everywhere. So you might have them in the living room and pillows you might then bring it into the dining room and accessories you would bring it into the kitchen and things maybe are maybe a kettle maybe it’s a tea towel and then again in the bedroom you could add pillows or a throw and these little touches really create that cohesiveness to your space tip number four is you want to have three touch points per room.

So again this is a good rule of thumb to think about. So you’ve got your neutral colors you’ve got your accent colors that you picked again for example we’re using yellow and blue you want to have it three places in each room and this is really going to help you create that cohesive thing. So it doesn’t have to be three big pieces and like I talked about it could be in the living room pillows throw and a book that has yellow or blue you know when your dining room again it could be a tray and something on the side table and something within the tray on the bedroom it could be the pillows it could be the throw and it could be something on your side table but if you try to do a rule of thumb of three things in those accent colors that is really go on create that cohesive space. So just a recap to create a beautiful cohesive space in your condo you’re go on want to do a few things first use the three two one method then you’re go on want to pick a color palette then you’re go on want to pick your accent colors and then you’re go on want to sprinkle those accent colors about three times in each room. So I know what are the things that can be the most challenging and getting started with this in three two one method and knowing what your style is and this is where a lot of us feel stuck myself included at times. So what I’ve created is a style guide with a style quiz and you can link to it below if you like this post I’d love it if you could like it share it with your family and friends and make sure to comment and hop on over to Kelly design as I do send a weekly newsletter with design and DA DIY and tips that i only share on my newsletter.

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