Apartment living room decoration

Space considerations

When it comes to layout, there are no hard and fast rules. There are, however, general standards that are used with regards to the space that is required around various fittings to accommodate easy use. Bear in mind, that the stipulated space requirements that are mentioned next can overlap one another

Bespoke Bathrooms Photographer Diana Wemyss for example, the suggested required radius around a basin can overlap with the required radius suggested for a corner shower unit. The various space suggestions are as follows: Doors: Generally speaking, a diameter of 600mm needs to be left to accommodate the arc of an opening door. If you are designing an open-plan bathroom however, you will be able to use this extra space for something else. Basins: A frontage space of 700mm is the usual requirement to accommodate any bathroom basin or vanity.

Shower: If the shower is a corner unit, then you should leave a minimum of 700mm radius around it. If it isn’t a corner unit, then you will require a minimum distance of 700mm in front of the shower opening.

Bathtub: If the bathtub is set against a corner, a radius of 700mm around the two remaining sides is optimal. If the bath is a freestanding unit however, it will require a complete radius of 700mm around the entire tub, unless it too is positioned in a corner.

Toilet and bidet: A minimum radius of 600mm around both the toilet and bidet will usually suffice for both these fixtures.

Showered in style

Showers have long overtaken bathing as the most popular way to wash, with more than 50% of all homeowners estimated to shower everyday. Showering remains a quick, efficient, hygienic and water-saving way to get clean – making the shower an essential installation in any home.

Your personal view

Before you select what kind of shower you want to install, think about what showering means to you. Is your shower a purely practical fitting, offering an efficient way to wash yourself when you don’t have the time for a long soak in the bath? Or is your shower a haven of relaxation and refreshing indulgence? Today, just because it isn’t a bath, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury and comfort.

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