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The Power of Four

For Ito Kish, four is a symbol of diversity a number that marks both completion and a new beginning. The furniture designer recently embarked on another exciting journey with his home retail brand,

KISH, which has been of service for 15 years now. Aside from commemorating his very first showroom of contemporary Filipino furniture, Ito introduces Objects by KISH, a collection of gift ideas that will encourage you to make gift-giving a little more sentimental. There is also the launch of F1RST, a home store offering accessible furniture pieces and accessories for starting families, as well as of Gallano, an upcoming brand with a curated collection of luxe creations. Drop by KISH located at 233 Nicanor Garcia St., Bel-Air, Makati.

For inquiries, call (02) 896 8366 or visit kish.ph.

Innovations that make your life easy.

It was. easy to decide on which aircon to buy for my home. I certainly went for the one that made me save a lot. Unlike my old a/c which I had to keep running lor 8 hours, my new one could automatically Shut off and turn into a fan after 4 hours!

This made me save quite a lot.

So every month’s end, f find myself thinking.

In a year’s time, where will I spend my savings best.

Will it be for that Bali trip I’ve been planning for?

Will it be for a one-time big time shopping-spree?

No spills in the ref.

But out in the patio, everyone is recklessly spifhng their secret toves and most hated men.

The girls are marching back and forth to the beverage center of the ref, wanting to revive every story with a fresh bottle of beer.

My sister and her hubby, off they went on a holiday,

And I the good sister, was tasked to care for their kids. ALL THREE OF THEM.

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