Apartment nursery design


Storage solution

Too often, what looks great on the outside is hiding a mess on the inside. We all want to make the best possible use of our storage space, and the Space Tower from Blum is specifically designed to help you organise, store and easily access your ‘stuff’. Ideal as a kitchen larder unit, the Space Tower can equally be used to great effect in the living, bedroom and bathroom cabinets of the home. The option of clear glass front and sides affords the visibility to see what is needed at a glance. The Space Tower offers plenty of space, and the choice of higher side walls creates up to 55 percent more room for storage.

The pull-outs are integrated with Blum’s motion technology, Blumotion, so that drawers open, halt and then close softly at the lightest of touches. The Space Tower design is flexible in height, width and depth enabling you to individualise and harmonise interior spaces throughout your home, while achieving the maximum amount storage space. www.eclipse.co.za

Stylish heating

DeLonghi believes there is no reason why heaters cannot combine economical and practical heating options with aesthetics and therefore the company has developed the new Slim Style heater. With a depth of only 7.5cm, it also has the option of being wall mounted. Patented technology is said to generate better heat distribution quickly and silently while the double fan system increases the performance of the convector, providing immediate and rapid heating throughout the entire room. www.delonghi.co.za

Pure natural cotton

These Horizon Pure Cotton throws are knitted using pure cotton yarns that are extremely hard wearing, yet completely luxurious. Being pure cotton, they are produced from natural fibres that are hypoallergenic and healthy. These throws are versatile and can be used throughout the home as a practical summer / autumn throw or as a decorative add-on to your decor at any time of the year.

Produced in South Africa, these throws are machine washable and tumble dryable. www.linendrawer.co.za

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