After teaching that resin method to other guild members, all that was left to do was to set my lady doll in place, and my scene would be complete.â

âœSince I found my scenic background on a calendar, done in pastel colours, that had set my colour choices for the rest of the project. So, when Project Chairman Sylvia Supinski taught us to dress our dolls in velvet capes and hoods, I chose to make one in lavender.â

âœThe most difficult part of working with our hands inside the big ornament ball, was getting some of the scene’s elements in, through the openings. And, not only was it a challenge to work in a round interior space, but, finding the right glues and paints to adhere to plastic was a learning experience. Luckily, there are many products on the market which will make this task easier for others who want to try to create their own Christmas ornament fantasy scenes.â

âœOur projects were a huge success when displayed together at our Lakeland Miniatures Guild show. I hope you enjoy seeing this one and learning the story of it’s completion, as much as I enjoyed creating it.âEHW


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