Apartments Elevation Designs

Apartments Elevation Designs

Trimming the Rolls

Before the wallpaper is cut up it is necessary to remove the selvedge edge. Many of the wallpaper stores do this for their customers by means of a machine, but, if the paper is untrimmed, the following procedure is usually followed.

Sitting on a chair, the worker extends his legs to their full extent, keeping the feet slightly apart. He places a roll on his feet, and takes hold of the end with his left hand. The edge is trimmed by means of the scissors held in the right hand, while the paper is drawn forward and rerolled with the left. This process of alternately rolling with the left hand and cutting with the right is continued until the whole of one edge of the roll is trimmed. The roll is then replaced on the feet and the other edge is trimmed in the same way.

For all good-class papers, both edges should certainly be trimmed.

Cheap thin papers are sometimes only trimmed on one edge, but the writer prefers to trim both.

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