Apartments Rent Design District Miami

Apartments Rent Design District Miami

Fixing track.

The height at which track is fixed depends on the look you want and whether there is to be a pelmet. It can be attached either to the wall or to the ceiling.

Track is attached to the wall by brackets which can be either of fixed size or extendable to the required length. Supplied with track kits or bought separately, extendable brackets are useful if you want the curtain to stand clear of a blind or net curtain that will hang behind it. They can be screwed directly to the wall or to a wooden batten fixed to the wall, which will spread the load.

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Special brackets also allow more than one track for a layered effect.

Track should be fitted at least 5cm (2in) above the window and 15 40cm (6 16in) beyond either side of the window. To fix it, first screw the brackets to the wall, making sure they are level and spaced at regular intervals. Use a hacksaw to cut either.

Fixing poles and tracks.

1 Poles are held by matching brackets, screwed onto the wall. Use wall plugs if fixing onto a masonry wall.

2 To fix track, draw a horizontal line with a spirit level to show the drilling position for the supporting brackets.

3 Pelmet boards are supported by right-angled brackets screwed to the underside, behind the curtain track.

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