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Three huge pillars which support the house's structure act as space dividers and at their bases are three fireplaces; for the three different sections that together comprise the house's common areas. The floor of the house is finished with mvule parquet tiles while the walls have exceptionally unique colours.

“Our walls range from pale green, to tangerine and terracotta. Basically, what we call whisper colours. We just love them, ” Jeanie tells us.

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And we can see why – the colours blend well with the character of the house and serve to accentuate the furniture as well.

Across from the couch area where we are seated is a smaller dining area, which the couple point out is their favourite. Jeanie adds, ”This is because it has spectacular views of the gardens. ” A quaint fireplace separates the two sections of the room and two large glass doors open up to the outdoor verandah. The mantels are embellished by an assortment of family mementos including those from the couple's travels.

The main lounge, which also has a corner bar, is a careful mix of the rare with a tinge of the classical in the furniture layout. The wooden covered box at the base of one of the lounge windows is a creative feature that serves as a seat, as well as a storage and display area.

Right next to it is an antique rocking chair in pristine condition which they acquired in December 1967. Flanking the rocking chair is a metal and wood side stand, on which John displays his bronze sculptures. On the upper level of the house we come across an antique cabinet attached to the wall. Right next to it is the main dining table overlooking the kitchen. On the dining table is an eye-catching center-piece comprising of a silver-plated bowl and tiny cups. This is a fitting transition space to the spacious kitchen, whose large windows allow for natural light to filter through; it illuminates the collection of Jeanie's Chinese utensils.


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