Are you interested in trying out Feng Shui for yourself?

Are you interested in trying out Feng Shui for yourself?

Well, for beginners, it’s always best to start small. If you’re on a budget or don’t want to invest too much into something you’re still quite unsure of, here are a few budget-friendly Feng Shui tips that are sure to add a bit more harmony into your daily living.

Bring in some light. Look at your living room or your bedroom right now, is it getting enough sun during the day? Or does it remain dark and closed off regardless of the hour? Time to change things up and bring in more natural light to your living and sleeping areas. If you’re not keen on having no curtains, choose a lighter one that filters the sunlight, but doesn’t obstruct it. One with an energizing color that matches your home’s theme would be best suited for it.

Time to get organized. Declutter any areas that seem to be stuffed with all sorts of things. These places collect bad energy and hinder the natural flow of the good one. Begin by bringing organization boxes. These should be quite cheap and would offer you a storage solution that’s also aesthetically appealing. When choosing colors, opt for something that blends in with the area you’re putting it in so it doesn’t attract any attention.

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Keep, store, throw away and donate. Now, it’s time to sort through your possessions and separate them into four categories. Things you want to keep, things you can store for later, items that you can throw away (broken ones that you can no longer fix) and stuff that you are willing to donate. This is, of course, an extension of the previous decluttering that you’ve done. In doing this, you’re sure to feel much lighter.

Opt for dimmer lighting in certain areas of your home. Sure, bringing light in is a good thing for energy flow but at night, it can actually make your space look quite harsh. Invest in affordable lamps that would produce sofer light, especially in your bedroom This would give you a glowing feeling of warmth and give the space a much cozier feel. It will help you sleep better too!

Time to get green! Bringing indoor plants will certainly liven up a space. Not only will it add color and texture, but it can also produce calming energy. A couple of corner plants in your living room, a few smaller ones by the kitchen window and maybe even one in your room. These are affordable, but great additions to any space.

Add a water element. This might be a bit more of an investment than the others, but it all depends on what you’re planning to use for it. In any case, adding a water element to any space immediately brings in more calming and positive energy. Small water fountains are ofen used in Feng Shui, but if you can’t find one or don’t have the spare budget for it, a small metal basin with some decorative pebbles and filled halfway with water should do the trick. Even a glass bowl would work for this. Place it in your living room and simply change the water every couple of days or so.

So there you have it, a few simple and affordable Feng Shui decorating tips that are sure to help you get started with letting energy move through your home.

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