How to Arrange Throw Pillows

Chipping overwhelmed with how to put pillows on your couch well if you do you are not alone and I am here to help I’m going to share with you some of my favorite and easy ways to arrange your pillows on your couch. So my first tip is is how many pillows now this can be a little controversial because some people like a lot of pillows on the couch some people don’t like many now I’ll say for photos and for styling purposes a lot of pillows looks great but I know it’s not always functional. So an easy way to go is to keep their goal for pillows or three and actually I like the three.

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So if you’re doing 4 pillows on a couch easiest way to do it is to have to look the same and then another two of the same okay. So for an example you would have two larger ones maybe twenty two and twenty two or twenty by twenty and then two smaller ones in front usually 18 by 18 then you’re go on have the larger ones the same patterns to fit smaller ones the same pattern how do you make these work you’re go on mix the patterns you’re go on have say the bigger pillow was saying bigger pattern on it mix with a smaller pattern or something that’s just policy the key is you don’t want it too similar it’s go on fight each other the other way you can do it with three pillows which I quite like because it’s easy is you get three pillows that are different but them together.

So how do you do this you work within the same color palette. So if you’ve chosen to accent say in yellow you’re go on choose three different pillows that have some yellow and if they have a pattern you’re go on make sure again like that last tip that the patterns don’t fight each other that are different and have one solvent that’s an easy way to go. So basically you’ve got to pattern then and one solid you’ve got a one side two pillows you’ve got one on the other it’s easy it’s a little more informal that way and it works every time and my last tip with the pillows is change it up. So now that I’ve taught you quickly how to do it I want you to change it up and just two times a year you could even keep one of the sets there but add something different.

So for instance spring and summer icy lighten and brighten it had a nice great color to it and in the fall add something that’s a bit more textured and cozy you know something that’s beautiful for mohair or knit or something like that. So I hope this helps to help you out I’ve also included my shopping guide below which includes my favorite places to shop including shopping for pillows and. So if you liked it I’d love it if you could like this post make sure you are commentd and you’re sharing it with your family and friends and that you hop on over to Kelly design calm because I do have a newsletter I send out every week to my followers and they share all my tips and tricks and I share behind the scenes of my projects and inspirations.

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