Baby Furniture For Cheap

Baby Furniture For Cheap

Luxuries Worth Considering

Take a trip to your favorite shopping haunts and make a list of those items that are over the top in the luxury department. Pretend that money is no object, and you’re about to treat yourself to one wonderful thing that’s unique, one-of-a-kind, unnecessary in the scheme of everyday living, but indeed very special. Here are some of the items that I think of when furnishing with luxury in mind.

A handwoven silk and cashmere throw: You can have the shabbiest of sofas and no one will notice that it’s a cast-off if this item is draped over it. Relatively speaking you get the look of a new sofa for a fraction of the cost. Choose a soft color that’s as elegant as its touch.

A handmade dollhouse completely furnished with exact replica period furniture down to the last detail in the style you would do your house if you could afford to do so. I actually know a lady whose family bought her the dollhouse for a special birthday and each year they chip in to buy pieces of furniture. She’s had enormous pleasure furnishing her dream home, room by room. The dollhouse is on display on a sideboard in her dining room.

An original painting by an artist you admire. Or a piece of pottery that is exceptionally beautiful.

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