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International Home Outlet.

This one's buried in Framingham; direct importer of European and Scandinavian designs. Just weekends here too this hallowed ground. That is still primarily true, but now BDC has a thrice-yearly Open to the Public sale. At these times, some fifteen of the center's eighty showrooms sell off samples, floor models, boo-boos, and the like, at significant discounts. These are high-end, high-fashion pieces and include everything you could imagine in furniture and home furnishings.

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Clearance sales are generally held in early fall, around New Year's, and in mid-spring. Watch the newspapers for ads, or call.

Boston Interiors! Clearance Centers.

200 Webster St, Hanover; (617) 871-6416

24 Teed Dr. Randolph; (617) 986-7404

153 Turnpike St (Rte. 9), Westboro; (508) 870-0700

Floor models, seconds, and other merchandise left over from this chain of furniture stores winds up at these warehouses, to be sold at 20% to 70% off original prices. BI's stock is contemporary living room, dinette and bedroom furniture and accessories; you may find a three-piece Bistro set a glass-top table with two rattan chairs selling for $150 instead of the original $400.

First-quality Bauhaus sofas, in perfect condition, were on sale for $399 each, reduced from $599. In the seconds area, a writing desk in natural ash finish, a bit scuffed, but not enough to notice easily, was reduced from $400 to just $120. All sales, of course, are final; the store is only open Tuesdays-Saturdays from 9:30 to 3:30.

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