Baby Furniture Vintage Style

Baby Furniture Vintage Style

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Perhaps more than any other factor, collectors of hooked rugs are charmed and intrigued by their naive and simplistic designs. Since even the oldest hooked rugs date only from the mid-1800s, knowledgeable dealers admit that a mg’s age is often less significant than its design.

Dating and cataloging hooked mgs is a favorite pastime of collectors, art historians, and dealers. Hooked mgs are significant in documenting our country’s history. Just as early quilt makers drew inspiration from daily life and the scenes they saw around them, so did the mg makers. Their subject matter was usually a neighborhood scene, an idyllic landscape of the imagination, a boat, or a house and garden. Some of the scenes were quite realistic, others more primitively drawn. Further inspirations for designs were found in wallpaper patterns, furniture decoration, and embroidery.

A Collectible with an Interesting Past

Many of the earliest hooked mgs that survive today come from maritime settlements. The long, inactive periods at sea led to the invention of all sorts of crafts such as scrimshaw, macrame, and an early, primitive form of mg hooking in which sailors used bits of raveled burlap to create maritime scenes on rough linen ground. Early sailors’ rugs often pictured ships, a motto, and the name of the vessel.

Grenfell Rugs

You might enjoy looking for a rug with an interesting history. The Grenfell Mission was established in the 1890s by Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, a physician devoted to relieving poverty, sickness, and exploitation along the northern coast of Newfoundland. The poor natives were gifted artisans who made distinctive hooked rugs depicting scenes of northern life.

In order to conserve materials, these rug makers used worn underwear and silk stockings that they cut into very narrow strips. This resulted in the dense, even pile characteristic of Grenfell rugs. There was a popular saying at the time, “When your stockings run, let them mn to Labrador.” The Grenfell rugs were sold throughout the United States and did much to promote the craft of mg hooking. Popular subjects were puffins, dog teams, a lone polar bear, arctic hunters, and the colors were mostly somber shades of blues, grays, black, browns, and greens.

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