Brian Garrett and Jason Frederick After a career in both furnishings and fashion retail, Andrea Beecher decided it was time to do what she really wanted to do: interior design. So I worked with a friend to build a design wing for his already thriving real estate business, Beecher explains. Seeing that business grow and thrive gave me the confidence I needed to start working toward another dream.

“Brian Garrett and I had worked together in a furniture showroom, and we had always wanted to design our own line of furnishings and accessories. Our energy and aesthetics blend so well, I knew it would be magical if we could ever make it happen. Brian had a long history of retail design, too, as well as many years of interior decorating experience.

When our dear friend Jason Frederick came to us with more than 20 years of business experience focused on product management, and he asked if we would be interested in starting a company, we jumped at the chance. Two-ish years later, here we are!


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Skandinavian Baby Furnitures By Charlie Crane | Home Design And


Skandinavian Baby Furnitures By Charlie Crane | Home Design

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