Baby Room Furniture

Baby Room Furniture

The Tools and Equipment Required

The chief tool required is a large flat distemper brush from 6 to 8 inches wide. If a part-worn one can be purchased or borrowed so much the better, for a new brush is apt to cause excessive splashing.

If a “ broken-in ” brush is not available and a new one has to be purchased, one of the special types made for household use is best. These have shorter bristles than the standard patterns and are therefore more suitable and cheaper.

A small brush for cutting in the distemper to the edges of the woodwork, etc., is The distemper brush should be from 6 to 8 in. wide. The scraper will be required if old wallpaper has to be stripped off a useful accessory. Either a 1-inch “flat” fitch, a No. 4 “tool”, or a 2-inch flat varnish brush would serve, and would be useful afterwards for many other purposes.

At least two buckets, a large sponge, a small trowel and, if there is old wallpaper to be stripped off, a painter’s scraper costing about a shilling will be

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