Hey guys today. We are at IKEA Everyone’s favorite store, and as you know they have the blessed as is section with lots of discounted stuff We thought we could make something cool from something in there. Yes, so we’re doing a back-to-school inspired dorm room up-cycle from the as-is section of IKEA! So we are here We don’t know what we’re going to find because we never know we’re going to go and see what they have and hopefully make something awesome Alright, let’s GO! Pinterest loves these! Yeah, maybe something there, and I feel like they’ve had these for so long Yes, this is like an original IKEA product And they’re still selling it, I swear! Lots of people that will be able to relate to this this is a good idea Like what is this this looks, like, broken. That’s the thing that I guess that’s the thing man.


We got to fix it Oh my god! This mirror! What! This is the mirror that everyone has! I have one, the office has one. That’s a good deal! Wait, say that again. The IKEA as is section has everything including the kitchen sink. I was just gonna go get it, you were like, that’s what we’re gonna use On sale? Like maybe? And it even ties you can tie it here or something! But we would cover it, with new ties. Yeah. Back in the office! So we went to the as is section and got some pretty cool things. Yeah, we’re going to start with our epIc makeover and I think we have like kind of a plan? Kind of a plan we want to go for like a vintage pink/millennial pink vibe, I think? We got some supplies But honestly, I’m not sure how this is going to turn out! It’s going to be a journey pray for us! Okay, first step though is we’re gonna paint something pink get it pink. Wait, let me correct. We’re going to pay something white Prime before you paint and then paint some things pink also these were like a restaurant set or something like that. It said this is for a restaurant and like outdoor furniture

I’m sorry though, like I would not eat at your restaurant I’m not living for this Like this would def be easier to spray paint. In theory it’s easier to spray paint, but then your outside like leaves and bugs get stuck in it. It’s like a disaster Yeah, and then you like we have to leave it outside. We can’t bring it inside, and then the neighbors are like What are you doing? Don’t paint my car.

Alright, pink time! Hi! Hi pink! So cute! Hi! So satisfying! Okay cute! Good eh? Good colour. So I know that probably looked like it took like two seconds, but that actually took all morning. We have prime, painted and even added a clear coat to seal it in and it’s looking great and pink! I’ll let Kelsey do the next step yeah well bye! So next step we got super ambitious, and we want to add some strand cane on to our chair legs and the table legs So this is a stuff that you feel like the wicker projects or the rattan cool peacock chairs you know that vibe That’s why we’re going for will link this below if you want to find it for yourself I’ve never used this before, but I think I’m just going to like hot glue it on that should work You are probably wondering why we didn’t paint the legs And now you know why. Okay, so the table and chairs are looking Pepto-Bismol chic! And I loved how the wrapped effect looks very expensive So I’m stoked on this so next I’m going to do is add a little Pocket on to the side of the table to store your books and whatever you might need Alright, so we have this faux leather in a nice tan colour, and I guess this is a faux velvet because it’s not real velvet In like a nice pink color that’s complimentary of our pink alright, so first I’m cutting out a rectangle out of the light tan material and then with the pink velvet, I’m cutting out a shape that’s a little bit shorter, but wider I’m going to wrap the velvet around the sides of the tan material to form my pocket and then using a sewing machine I’m going to sew up the three sides alright So now we have something like this And I’m just going to use a hot glue gun to like hold down a little hem here.

And then I’m just going to glue it to the side of our table So this is looking really cute, so this is a piece of cork And you can get this from any local office supply store And what I’m going to do with it is build a back around the desk like A) so your things don’t roll off the back And B) you can actually use it at a cork board Which is great. So I measured around kind of the back bit of the desk, and that’s about 36 inches So I’m going to draw that out. and I want the back piece to be an even height and on the sides I want it to curve down a little bit So I’m going to draw out that shape now Okay, so our cork back piece is on is looking great. So I can pin any notes to it now or kind of just leave it as the cork and also, I made a little matching coaster because resourceful! So next we’re going to have Kelsey finish up the chair and then that’ll be it Okay, so I’m going to do the final touch which is a pillow for our chair And we’re going to bring back this gorgeous like faux velvet And this pillow is also from IKEA, um like the clearance section and we’re going to make it way cuter I’m cutting out two circles the size of the pillow sewing it up almost all the way around and then I’m going to flip it inside out and Stuff my pillow inside all right? It’s in this little sleeve, and then the last step is to hand sew it and also just like pierces through the middle so I get this cute little like tuft! All right, little poof pillow is all done.

It’s looking mad cute now we put the final touches on our desk combo So this is how our table and chair turned out super weird, but also kind of cool It turned into like a very quirky project, but I kind of love it! We needed to go like way off from the basic thing it was so I like it a lot better now. And hopefully this just inspires you to take something that you might have a boring or something inexpensive and turn it into something that’s totally Personalized for you. Yeah, or like the color scheme or the cork or the pocket? I don’t know yeah. I kinda love it. I love it Also, if you like this new I don’t know if it’s a series yet But new style of trying like as is sections and making them cooler Please let me know below because we’re always trying like new ways to DIY things Yeah, this is basically just thrift flip but ikea version. If you guys like this post make sure that you give it a like And if you love it, make sure you sub it and thanks so much to everyone who has so far I’ll see you next time bye. Bye.

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