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Planting out When planting on rooftops, your plant selection will depend on location, protective factors such as awnings, and the strength of supporting structures. Height is also important; plants can give you privacy but you don’t want to block out your views. The plants you choose will be exposed to tough, dry and windy conditions, so careful plant selection is vital. Backyard designs that grow well in coastal conditions are ideal, says Daniel. “Drought-tolerant succulents (these are naturally predisposed to a more shallow soil profile), native grasses, and if you have the soil depth ” native tuckeroo and Mediterranean fan palm are usually well suited to rooftop conditions,” he says. Plants such as frangipanis can also work. “They don’t have a very large root system and they are very robust,” he adds. For a splash of potted colour include dwarf potted fruit trees, dianthus or phlox. in this rooftop terrace, space was found for a designated dining area. wall art adds a flourish.

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