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These sedumygrow best in southern states where humidity is low, and they tolerate cold winter conditions. Plants enjoy being in a sunny position on soils that are not too rich and fertile. Wet, poorly drained soils are anathema to these plants. They tolerate an amount of dryness, though in my experience, if this comes as the plants are nearing their full height of 40-90cm, they can flop across the path or other plantings.

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Similarly, heavily fertilised plants become lush and tend to collapse, especially under the weight of heavy rain. This adds to the benefits of not growing them too lustily, although their fat, succulent leaves are quite beautiful in their own right and offer a simple means of propagation. Plants grow easily from leaves that are poked into open sandy soils and kept moist.

Their growth cycle is fascinating. Through early spring they appear as ground-level rosettes of pale-green foliage, which forms a low mat. Should you wish to divide plants, then this is a good time to do it.

Simply use a garden fork to lift a clump, then divide the head with a sharp knife into three or four smaller plants.

Set them back into your garden in groups – they always look best in large masses rather than individual plants – spacing them about 30cm apart. This is a good tactic to follow every three years or so, since old plants become less tall and display reduced flowering.

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