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The guest house is a striking example of what could be defined as “ tropical contemporary “ BALI HOME DESIGNS PERTH The building, erected on a paras Kerobokan stone structure, has the ivory hues of paras Jogya sandstone and is patterned with horizontal teak inlays. Sheltering the building is an all-embracing glass canopy with a wooden frame support. It has a two-fold purpose: it allows the sunlight to stream in while providing sufficient shade; it also keeps out the rain while allowing a view of the outside.

The sitting area has an understated elegance that is set off by colourful furnishings. Simple angles and forms, and the natural surface of the wood inlay stone walls, form the backdrop for the two low 1970s German sofas, and dark finish teakwood coffee tables with bone inlay. In the corner a tall table lamp with a circular shade provides a lovely contrast to the angularity all around. The colours in the paintings by Balinese artist Wayan Karja are cleverly reproduced in the scatter cushions on the sofas. In the foreground, a pair of wooden blog-ends with terracotta heads are a playful touch. (See page 192 for credit details. )

In the dining area, the slanted skylight, teak plank flooring, white ivory stone walls and low paras Kerobokan stone wall make an alluring setting of contrasting angles and geometric forms. This backdrop plays host to a sparse collection of eclectic furnishings, including a simple glass dining table accompanied by an original set of van der Mies Bauhaus chairs, and a teak wood console table in dark finish and bone inlay. Ethnic objects and modern sculptures line the sides of the room, while contemporary paintings decorate the walls. The result is a minimalist elegance, lit by the soft light filtering through the linen drapes in the skylight. (See page 192 for credit details. )

Located at the back of the house, the patio cum deck in locally produced wash concrete leads to the pump house and shower room, the shady, shingled bale and the infinity-edge pool. A soak in the pool, which is situated at the edge of the drop-off, offers an unforgettable sensation of tranquillity and peace.

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