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Situated in Umalas in the Desa Bumbak region, this country residence was designed by French painter and sculptor Claude Paparella. It functions both as a private den and place of inspiration, as well as a showcase for the artist's works. The L-shaped colonial style building sits on the side of a hillock; from the garden, an interesting perspective is formed with the black terrazzo stone steps (see below left) contrasting starkly with the white polimonon borders as they sweep up to the back entrance of the house, meeting the verandah on the left and a covered patio on the right. In the interiors, Paparella's penchant for Zen style shows through the charming interplay between modern colonial solidity and Zen austerity.

The black and white theme reappears repeatedly in the interior design, and also in the artist's works, which are displayed throughout the house.

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But mediating these somber hues are the strong colours and contrasting textures in the furnishings. Various materials are used in the house-from sirap in the roof, coconut wood in the pillars, and white lime finish in the walls, to black cement for the flooring, polimanan white stone in the bathrooms, and merbau wood for the bed room floors.

The bathroom is designed in modern tropical style as an area for all purposes. As such it requires the same attention as all other living areas In the middle of the room a brazier-like sculpture with an eye-catching red motif stands on a square of grey tiles, like a Turkish bath. Baskets of assorted sizes and textures are arranged in the back recess.

The dominant colour scheme of black and white makes a striking setting in the entrance porch. BALI HOUSE DESIGN BEST OF The antique Javanese door and hexagonal coconut wood columns add warmth and texture. Under the white washed wooden roof, a sculpture shaped like a chaise longue and carved out of a single piece of teak takes pride of place. Around it are functional colonial lamps, a huge white stone vase and a contemporary painting.






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