Bali House Design Open Concept

Each of the areas in the house has been designed with an atmosphere that befits its distinctive purpose. Here in the bedroom, the use of natural wood and cozy colours provides a warm and comfortable feeling, while the collection of antique items, such as the old Javanese doors and set of Dutch colonial suitcases, gives a timeless reassurance. In the background are modern custom-built wardrobe units. The only bold details, common to the rest of the house, are the lava stone supports for the king-sized bed.

The classical feel of this bathroom is achieved by the sheer boldness and beauty of the original rock, BALI HOUSE DESIGN OPEN CONCEPT which has been hand-carved into simple planes.

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Reminiscent of a Roman spa, the bath is designed for Spartan but sensuous bathing. Wooden columns, warm tiled flooring and tropical plants highlight the pleasurable purposefulness of the surroundings.

The natural hues of ivory stone in this walk-in bathroom complement the bold supports of the basin and mirror fitting. These supports were roughly hewn from a piece of limestone rock-which stands where it was originally found-and polished to become as translucent as marble. Two wooden pillars frame the fitting; antique Dutch colonial bottles provide luminous contrast. A step-in bath is filled with colourful flowers.

This open bathroom is constructed on different levels and shows the designer's talent for mixing and matching textural opposites as well as striking shapes and colours. The warm tones of the inlaid floor tiles create geometrical symmetry. The attractive corner washstand, framed by two stand-alone teak bathroom cabinets-hand-crafted by the architect provide pleasing functional detail. The tactile magnetism of the rough quarry rock contrasts dramatically with the refined finishes of the furnishings, resulting in a pleasantly bold and inviting effect. For a view of the bath area, see page 57.

A Rambut Sedano statue representing Dewa Vishnu.










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