The detached-and seemingly suspended-roof is the defining feature of this villa, where three functional stone volumes conceal and provide access to the private quarters. The resulting convergence of strong planes, sleek lines and articulated forms creates a unique interplay of light and air. Natural materials are employed, and the combination of wood and stone with fabrics such as silk and linen contributes warmth and texture to the room. (See page 192 for credit details.)

No one can resist taking a warm soak in this teak step-in Jacuzzi bath with an open view of the Japanese-style garden outside. BALI HOUSE DESIGN PHOTOS The ethnic bamboo ladder that improvises as a towel rail is an interesting detail in this essentially spare bathroom.

The clean lines of this dining area have an immediate minimalist feel, while the use of different natural materials and textures forms an effect of understated elegance. The refined ivory stone wall with inlaid wooden detail provides a fitting backdrop to the unusual coffee table, with its ancient Javanese stone support and smooth crystal glass top. The gold coloured Balinese offering and Japanese-style black pedestal with a vase on top add further interest. (See page 192 for credit details.)

The stylishness of this bedroom is achieved through the tactile pleasure offered by luxurious, hand-crafted fabrics. Under the sheer airiness of the pure white mosquito net, the rich textures of the hand-printed Indian cotton bed covering, cushions, Pakistani kilim and antique camel bag dominate the room, making it come alive. (See page 192 for credit details.)

Wood, ivory stone and terrazzo are used for this elegant, free-standing basin fitting, a prelude to the open-air shower beyond.






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