Bali House Designs South Africa

A table runner serves as a wall hanging and a fish lamp as a lampshade, in the Gaya Gallery, Ubud. BALI HOUSE DESIGNS SOUTH AFRICA The profile on canvas is by Filippo Sciassia.

Put simply, Bali is going global. Film-stars in Bombay commission Bali-style villas on the Indian Ocean; American television tycoons want their piece of paradise in California, Florida or the Bahamas and take their design brief from a villa complex in Bali; and private properties in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia and other countries in the region buy into the Bali design boom. Increasingly, Bali's villas have become the new benchmark for tropical living: their originality of expression, rising quality and intense creativity have put them centre stage in the tropical design world.

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Long may it continue.

An attractive composition of a recycled glass vessel, and two mixed media works by Seiki Torige for Esok Lusa.

A bold and contemporary housing project by the GM architects.





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