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In the living room, the black and white theme is counterpointed by the contrasting pure red in the linear sofas and handmade wicker chair. BALI STYLE HOMES DESIGN PERTH This striking colour combination creates a formal yet inviting environment. In the back corner, a tall wooden table designed by the artist has Zen lines. A handmade coffee table in black, polished cement, also by Paparella, has a unique relief design; the set of funky pig carvings adds a lighter note to the whole setting.

Red is once again a prominent tone in the main bedroom.

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The white walls and mosquito netting are a clean canvas for the old Chinese cabinet and the modern wooden sculpture. The adjoining bathroom, with its standing wash table, can be viewed through the doorway.

Situated in the corner of the large and spacious living room, the lounge area is furnished with a hand-painted organza silk drape designed by Dominique Seguin, huge white floor mattresses and soft silk cushions in red, pink and lilac. This relaxing niche is well situated to catch cool cross breezes from the two large windows.

The traditional setting in the smaller of two bathrooms highlights the different textures employed here. The striking black terrazzo wash basin contrasts with the white ivory stone of the standing wash table. The light coloured window drapes complete the atmosphere of luxury and privacy.

A modern version of the bale in the garden.





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