Ballard Home Designs

Ballard Home Designs

Personalized Wreath
It’s easy to personalize a wreath with wooden letters. These are available in craft stores along with different wooden shapes such as candy canes, trees, stockings, stars, and hearts. Paint them with bright colors and hot-glue them around a wreath form. The letters can spell out your family name or the names of your children.
Golden Greetings
Spray-paint bay leaves with gold, then combine them with unpainted leaves to create a green and gilded wreath. With a hot glue gun, attach a layer of alternating leaves around a grapevine wreath frame, overlapping as you glue the leaves in place. Use gold-mesh French wire ribbon to make a bow for the top and allow the
ends of the ribbons to stream down over the wreath. The gold and green of the leaves fairly shimmers.
Ribbon Wreath
Make a wreath entirely of ribbons for your entryway. You’ll need a ten-inch heavy wire or brass ring and a fifty-yard spool of half-inch decorative ribbon. Cut the ribbon into ten-inch lengths and tie each length into a bow on the ring. Fill the ring with bows pushed together so the wreath is very full. Keep tying bows on the ring until you can no longer fit any more and the wreath is pleasingly plump.

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