A Barn-Inspired, Modern Retreat Is Knitted Into Napa Valley

A Barn-Inspired, Modern Retreat Is Knitted Into Napa Valley


Form and function are key when selecting lighting for your home. Whether you are buying a table lamp, flush-mounted light, pendant fixture, sconce or chandelier, you should consider how the lighting will coordinate with your home’s style and whether it will illuminate the space properly.

Exterior, Metal Roof Material, Wood Siding Material, Gable RoofLine, and House Building Type Nestled between sprawling trees, the property sits on the valley floor, leaving a courtyard space with a pool in the center. 

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Many lighting manufacturers specialize in period reproduction lighting; however, for folks who love country style, antique fixtures discovered at shops and shows are hard to resist.

Exterior, House Building Type, Metal Roof Material, Wood Siding Material, and Gable RoofLine The gable-ended structures reference the agrarian history of the site. Each roof is supported by dark timber and steel trusses, inspired by the property’s existing hay barn. 

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Michelle and Bob Caruso expertly combine old and new in their cozy North Carolina home. I am not afraid to mix and match new and antique lighting, Michelle says. Here are tips to help you do the same:

Exterior, Metal Roof Material, Gable RoofLine, House Building Type, and Wood Siding Material A look at the dramatic slice in the roof, which provides an exciting intersection between modernism and the vernacular design. 

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Check for damage. Loose plugs, frayed cords and brittle wires pose a fire hazard on older fixtures. To ensure safety, take fixtures to a professional for rewiring. Similarly, repairing antique glass shades and metalwork should also be done by a lighting expert for the best results.

Exterior, House Building Type, Metal Roof Material, Gable RoofLine, and Wood Siding Material The attention to detail extends to the design of the home's streamlined contemporary gutters.

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Use lamp kits. Craft stores sell lamp kits that can help you transform pottery, crocks and metalwork into lamps. Rather than purchase an antique fixture, simply turn an antique into a lamp.

Hallway, Rug Floor, and Dark Hardwood Floor Despite the modern material palette, the home also boasts a traditional flair.

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Bedroom, Bed, Rug Floor, Bench, Table Lighting, Lamps, Night Stands, Accent Lighting, and Medium Hardwood Floor The master bedroom.

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Bath Room, Undermount Sink, Granite Counter, Medium Hardwood Floor, Wall Lighting, and Mosaic Tile Wall The bathroom has a simple, neutral palette, as well as a luxurious feel.

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Bath Room, Open Shower, Medium Hardwood Floor, Freestanding Tub, Stone Tile Wall, Pendant Lighting, Mosaic Tile Wall, Concrete Floor, and Full Shower Windows allow natural light to filter into the space and also provide guests with views of the vineyard locale. 

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Outdoor, Gardens, Trees, Shrubs, Large Patio, Porch, Deck, Large Pools, Tubs, Shower, Grass, Hanging Lighting, Back Yard, Swimming Pools, Tubs, Shower, and Decking Patio, Porch, Deck A peek at the sparkling pool. 

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