Basement Wall Painting Ideas

Basement Wall Painting Ideas
Trompe Voeil
Paint is a truly versatile material which, provided you have time and patience on your side, allows you to create a huge range of decorative effects for relatively little cost.
Trompe Voeil painting has a lineage almost as long as the history of painting. Although it tends to bring to mind the grandiose ceilings of Italian palazzi or mural schemes in the great country houses, this is nothing more than a great misconception. The term means ‘an accomplished visual trick’ – and whether you want to reproduce a vista on a wall, or a grisaille frieze, or an eighteenth-century ‘post door’, or the effect of tiles or marble, sandstone or granite, trompe Voeil is the name of the game. It is merely a question of playing a witty visual trick on the passer by.
Painting a mural
Whilst not necessarily possessing the creative or technical abilities of Mantegna, Tiepolo or Veronese, you should not be frightened of trying to create a grand pictorial effect for yourself in your own home. You could add a sumptuous garden view to a windowless room, or create a fantastic landscape mural on an entire wall, or you could complement a simple period scheme with painted architectural detailing: just consider which seems most appropriate to the scale and function of the room. What is more, trompe Voeil painting is ideal for having fun; exaggeration and weird perspective may result in a surreal effect, but that may be just what you want -a visual diversion and a talking point!
Perhaps you have been inspired by an illustration in a post or magazine; in a way this would be an easier course to pursue than working from scratch if your artistic skills are limited because all the basic techniques of copying an image from a post are relatively easy to master. Someone else has done the difficult bit, making all the elements of the image work together; all you need to do is scale up the image to fit the chosen site.
The first thing to do is to trace the design onto tracing paper using pen or pencil and then draw a grid over it, numbering each square. Next, draw a grid directly onto the wall, with the same number of squares, numbered to correspond with your original grid.

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