Bathroom accessories


Bathroom accessories are often overlooked in the initial planning stages of bathroom design. However, they play an essential role in any bathroom space – both in how they make the space more usable, as well as how they add to the overall design aesthetic of the space.

When it comes to bathroom design, what sets a mediocre bathroom apart from one that really has that “wow” factor is the choice of accessories and lighting.

It is these finer aspects of the room’s finish that can bring much-needed functionality, convenience and luxury, both in a tactile and aesthetic sense, to a bathroom space. However, these fixtures are often overlooked during the planning phase, which can often lead to you going over budget. Careful consideration of what needs to be included in this department should not be disregarded, and remains a quintessential necessity in any bathroom design.

Bathroom accessories

There are the “basic eight” bathroom accessories that no bathroom can go without these include towel rails, bathroom shelves, toilet paper holders, towel rings, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders and robe hooks. However, if you want to go the extra mile, there are various other accessories that can be included to take the room to the next level and transform your bathroom into a luscious and practical oasis. Some of these include shower accessories, such as shower and soap racks, free-standing towel rails to accompany free-standing baths, and foot rests for example. If your bathroom is going to accommodate elderly or disabled users, you might want to consider things such as grab rails and shower seats.

Heated towel rails are another wonderful inclusion, and although most people consider them to be a luxury provider of warm towels, that is actually not their main purpose. The fundamental use of heated towel rails is to ensure deliciously dry towels whenever they are required. This makes them a great addition for bathrooms located in very hot and humid, or very cold climates. They also add to the overall hygiene of the room, as they negate the possibility of bacteria multiplying in damp towels, as well as reducing your energy consumption as you won’t have to waste electricity washing your towels that often, or use a tumble dryer to dry them. Contrary to popular belief, heated towel rails do not have to be energy guzzlers – if you choose heated towel rails that function using Dry Element Technology (DET), they require a very meagre amount of electricity to perform. This is because DET allows for rapid heat-up times and offers the ability to control the temperature settings to suit the climate for all-year-round functionality, as well as being able to switch them off and on when required.

An important thing to consider when choosing bathroom accessories is to choose ones that have a mounting system that ensures a durable and steadfast installation. Traditionally, bathroom accessories are attached to the bathroom wall using grub screws. However, this often poses a problem – since bathroom accessories have a largely functional use, the screws holding them in place need to be regularly tightened in order to keep them firmly secured. Today, however, you can invest in bathroom accessories that boast installation systems designed to keep them securely locked in place.

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Another consideration is what the accessories are made from. Chrome-plated accessories are more affordable than others, but bear in mind that if you choose these, the major drawback of chrome is that even though it offers a beautiful, highly polished aesthetic, there is always the possibility that it would eventually flake and peel. Today, the material of choice is stainless steel – it doesn’t rust, flake, peel or dull, and it is exceptionally strong and easy to maintain and clean. Stainless steel bathroom accessories come in two main finishes – polished (shiny) and brushed (matt).

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