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CUSTOM STEAM BATHS Custom steam baths give you the most design flexibility. Working with an interior or bathroom designer, you can create a steam bath that perfectly fits the space available and that is built from materials that complement the rest of the home. Though tile is the most popular surface for custom steam baths, you may also use stone, glass blocks, glass panels, acrylic, or other nonporous materials. And because of the custom nature, these steam baths don't have to be in the bathroom, nor do they have to include a shower.

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As long as you have a waterproof room with a floor drain, you have tremendous design freedom.

Prefabricated steam baths.

Similar to prefabricated spas and saunas, prefabricated steam baths take much of the hassle out of installation. After preparing the floor and drain, you simply assemble the unit, including the walls and ceiling. These kits come with all of the necessary hardware, as well as silicone for ensuring watertight seals. Like a custom steam bath, these units can be installed almost anywhere you have a waterproof floor and proper drainage, and they don't have to include a shower.

Retrofitted steam baths.

If you don't have the room or desire to install a separate steam bath in your home, you can opt to retrofit an existing tub or shower stall so that it can double as a steam bath. These systems typically include a waterproof ceiling.

Unit that caps the tub or shower and a special door that ensures a watertight enclosure. You'll need to make sure that you have proper access to water lines and a power source in order to hook up the steam generator.

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