Bathroom Design Ideasner

Bathroom Design Ideasner

For the Bathroom
Make a brightly patterned shower curtain. It’s one of the easiest sewing projects and will instantly change the look of this room. No sewing skills? Use a single bedsheet with a border design. Add grommets or clip-on curtain rings evenly spaced across the top edge.

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The grommets and the tool for setting them come in a package at fabric and sewing stores, home centers, and paint and hardware stores.
Dressing Up
Add a flower wallpaper border around a door frame, window, or eating area in the kitchen. Use prepasted paper for greatest ease.
Fresh Herbs
Start an herb garden in a pretty pot on your kitchen counter. Or force bulbs to grow indoors.

Every day brings new surprises. This tiny finishing touch is amazingly effective.
Try a New Color
Paint the wood trim in one room with an unusual color you’ve always been attracted to. Try one of the new berry colors, deep green, or bright coral.

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