Bathroom Design Measurements

Bathroom Design Measurements

Screens & Fireboards

Adding eighteenth-century gentility A Jreboard can cheer an area that otherwise may be a nesting place for depressed looking dusty dried flowers or apprehensive pot plants. This hunting scene makes a decorative fireboard to shield a delicate complexion from the fierce blast of the flames. Such niceties were thought essential in Jane Austen’s day. As it happens, this screen can also do duty as a card table.

A basic fireboard is simple to make and decorate: an invitingly small and manageable area in which to exploit your creative talents.

Screens cover a multitude of sins – even that pile of dirty washing in the bathroom – and they can divide a large room into warm and manageable smaller areas. They are also the ideal subject on which to flex your creative muscles. Make a basic shape (171) or find a solid old screen, then enjoy yourself. Try paint-effects, edged with bold borders; practise stencilling here where you can easily repaint mistakes; cover your screen with those beautiful old linen curtains which are the wrong shape for any of your windows; stencil some fabric yourself in large and slightly muzzy paisley and cover your screen to match your upholstery. Or you can cover a screen with paper cut-outs, like the one opposite.

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