Bathroom Design Small

Bathroom Design Small

Shabby Chic

The trick with white is to keep things a bit loose so the room doesn’t become too formal and uptight. Slouchy slipcovers and oversized soft pillows work for the sofa. I prefer simple pillows that are made of cotton, chintz, or linen and have only crisp piping or no decorative touches at all. Sisal rugs are good floor covers. Large baskets holding pots of fresh herbs are more casual than formal floral arrangements.

Different Shades of White

White is an interesting color (or noncolor) because it changes with the light of day. Sometimes it can look creamy and other times gray, depending on the time of day and whether or not the sun is shining, as well as the location in the house.

Neatness Counts

It’s not easy to live in an all-white home. When it’s messy it seems even messier. When there are newspapers, posts, mail, and the normal pieces of everyday living about, it is more jarring than when these items are absorbed into a room filled with color and pattern. So, if you can’t imagine a place for everything and everything in its place you’ll probably want to add color and patterns here and there.

Adding Color

It’s easier to add color to an all-white room than to start with paint colors and be confined to decorating within that color scheme. People often tell me their color scheme and then complain that they’re having trouble buying a single pillow because the blue isn’t exactly right. If you introduce color, mix up the shades just as you would with neutrals. It’s more interesting, for example, to use a variety of different shades of rose than to have everything match perfectly. In fact, using different shades of one color and introducing just one accent color, such as deep green or purple to a rose and white room can create a wonderful look.

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