Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

The cool austerity of bare brick is considerably softened by the warm, deep pile of a traditional wool carpet. This carpet has been made on a traditional narrow loom and has alternating strips of patterned and plain carpet with the same background colour, the strips indicating that this is a traditional Axminster or Wilton carpet.

Natural floor-coverings have become very popular recently. This formal drawing room is enlivened by the gutsy texture of rush matting which looks perfectly at home with all the different elements in the room. Note how this floor-covering is not fitted but stops just short of the walls, the edge being finished with braid.

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Part of the appeal of natural floor-coverings is their very definite texture. Some are quite soft and can be woven into fine patterns; others seem rough and hairy. These are used to create textured and robust patterns.

Natural floor-coverings are economical to buy but they do not always wear well and they can be very difficult to clean. It is worth buying matting that has been factory-treated with a stain inhibitor, although latex backing also makes day-to-day care easier and the matting can be laid like rubber-backed carpet.

There is also a range of wool-based floor-coverings made in new ways to consider. These combine the practical advantages and underfoot softness of carpet with the character and look of natural floor-coverings.

Soft floorings fall broadly into two types carpet, which is made from wool or a number of man-made fibres; and matting, which is made from plant fibres. The names given to carpet refer to the way the carpet is made rather than the materials used in its manufacture. The two broad categories of carpet are woven carpet, in which the pile is woven through a backing material, and non-woven carpet, in which the pile is attached to the backing by various methods using adhesives. Natural floor-coverings are plaited and woven to form strongly textured and patterned surfaces. The look and feel of each type of natural floor-covering derives from the special characteristics of the original plant. Incorporating wool fibres in natural floor-coverings is a recent development.

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