Bathroom For Home Design

Bathroom For Home Design

Look for tiles which are end of stock but do make sure that you buy sufficient for your bathroom. Buying a few square meters more is better than simply scrimping and buying exact because you will have breakages during the tiling process, but huge savings can be made by choosing end of lines.

Feng Shui (pronounced as “fungshway”) finds its roots in a holistic world view. It observes all things as well as creatures and considers them a part of a natural order: an environment that is in constant motion and change. Each thing within this order represents an energy value or component. So all of us, everything that surrounds you right now, exist in a landscape that swirls with energy. This same energy flows through you and gives you life often referred to as “Chi”.

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How does this apply to decorating? Feng Shui, when applied to design, allows you to create a space for yourself wherein this energy can flow freely, through you and through everything that is enclosed in that space. It enables you to lay out the environment, which is more conducive for it, making sure that you also receive its numerous benefits.

To put this in perspective, think of an office space that’s completely cluttered in files, organizers, drawers and other supplies. Now put yourself in this environment. Does it give you a good feeling? Does it make you feel more motivated? It isn’t surprising at all if you answered no. In Feng Shui, this kind of environment suffocates the energy, rendering it static and instead of bringing a sense of lightness, it ends up becoming a weight.

Now think of the same office again, but this time, picture it looking more organized. Sunlight streaming through the window, a clear desk and perhaps a couple of indoor greens in the corners. Doesn’t that feel much better? It is as if the room itself is breathing whenever you do. That’s the sign of good energy flowing freely. It flows from your environment, through you, so you absorb some of the positivity as well.

To further simplify what Feng Shui actually is, here are some important bits of information about it. Let’s start with the common misconceptions about the philosophy itself.

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