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When it comes to interior lighting, bathrooms are probably given the least consideration of all the rooms in the home. However, as the bathroom evolves into a place in which to unwind and relax, so is the lighting in this room being given its due. It is no use adding all the spa-like luxuries, if the room doesn’t offer a relaxing ambience in which to recharge your batteries – and what better way to set a mood in any space than with a well thought out lighting design.

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By law, all lighting in any bathroom needs to have an IP44 rating, which means that the fitting is sealed and splash-proof in order to withstand the often wet and humid conditions inherent in a bathroom space. Without IP44-rated light fittings installed in your bathroom, you will not be able to get a Certificate of Compliance from your electrician, which you will need if you want to sell your home. This aside, it can be very unsafe to install lighting that is not designed for wet areas in your bathroom. Note as well that if you would like a downlighter installed above your shower, this fitting needs to be a 12 Volt fitting (with a transformer) and IP67 rated, which means the fitting is waterproof.

Any good lighting composition comprises a series of layers – the various layers can be broken up into two main categories -namely task lighting and ambient lighting. As such, the function of the lighting in question will dictate what type of light fittings you will need to install.

Heating up the bathroom

Underfloor heating in the bathroom can go a long way to turning this room into a luxurious retreat, especially in the colder winter months when it really comes into its own. However, it is best done during a major renovation, as in order to install this little luxury, you will need to rip out all the existing flooring, so that you can lay the underfloor heating system underneath.

A hot trend

Heated towel rails are a staple of any in-home spa worth its salt – they are comparatively slightly more expensive than a normal towel rail, but offer the added benefit of ensuring that your towels are deliciously dry whenever you need them. When looking for heated towel rails, be sure to choose one with a temperature control, as being able to control the temperature settings plays a pivotal part in increasing its energy efficiency. Thanks to Dry Element Technology (DET), all Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails come with built-in temperature controls, so that you can adjust the heat on the rails to suit the weather conditions, as well as your personal preferences. Bathroom Butler offers two main temperature controls, including: Personal Temperature Selection (PTSelect) Switch: This is a switch that allows you to manually adjust the temperature of the heated towel rail, as well as being able to switch it on and off. This can reduce running costs by as much as 60%.

Total Digital Control (TDC) Timer:

Although all of Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails are able to run 24/7, the TDC Timer allows you to conserve energy by as much as 75% by programming the heated.

Underfloor heating in the bathroom can be a major selling point however, as the bathroom is usually a place where you don’t have the benefit of being warmly ensconced in layers of clothing, and tiles underfoot can make this space a very cold space to be. However, once installed, underfloor heating offers an undeniable appeal – it can really change your winter experience of your bathroom from unpleasant to inviting.

If underfloor heating is a little beyond your budget however, then you may want to consider installing a bathroom heater. And while the comfort provided by heating in the bathroom is a very welcome luxury, the bathroom remains a very functional space as well. As such, it is also important to have a good source of lighting and air circulation. An excellent solution is to install a bathroom heater-light-extractor unit, otherwise known as a 3-in-1 combo unit.

Bathroom 3-in-1 units are an all-in-one lighting, extractor and heating solution, which has been specially designed for the hot, wet and humid conditions prevalent in bathroom spaces. The 3-in-1 combo units offer three useful functions in one unit -they come with a built-in extractor fan for optimum air circulation, as well as infrared globes that supply lighting and warmth.

They are rustproof and purpose-built for steamy and wet areas, so they are safe, durable and long-lasting. This means that you can create heat and bright light at the flick of a switch, but at the same time, you can also turn on the extractor fan, to keep the bathroom clear of steam while you are showering. Another benefit is that these units are an incredibly streamlined, space-saving solution that requires only one installation point in order to perform all three functions.

Most 3-in-1 units are specially designed for installation in the bathroom ceiling for a streamlined and space-saving aesthetic. You no longer have to install a heater on the wall, a separate light overhead, and then fit an exhaust fan in the room as well. They are perfect for small bathrooms, but they work just as well in larger bathrooms. However, as they are recessed units, they cannot be installed in cement or concrete ceilings, nor can you install them vertically on the walls.

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